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The 3rd Ji Yinni manufacturing industry grew 2008 decline
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2008 the 3rd season (will come in July in September) Indonesian 製 creates industry growing ratio beforehand appraise uprights at 3.85% reach 4% , than the current year of the 2nd season 4.43% low. Trade Association says, growing rate falls advocate because cost of 為 unripe 產 raises,reach global economic depression.

Indonesian employer association (Indonesian EmployersAssociation; Apindo) chairman Mr. Sofjan Wanandi expresses, global economic depression affects demand, jiashangzhong ends the bank is increased interest rate, helpless to promoting home demand. Chairman W says interest rate from 9% be increased to 9.25% already 產 gives birth to undesirable consequence, because of 為 support sb by the arm of fewer loan fund is noted to substantial 產 course of study, the result causes economy to grow rate general exceeds 6% impossibly at bottom of the current year.

According to Indonesian finance and Mr of committee member of monetary committee chairman. BambangSoestyo is in Indonesian chamber of commerce (Indonesian Chambers OfCommerce; Kadin) say, in the current year the bottom will have 20.9 billion in July 6, 0 dollar loan did not amount to substantial 產 course of study, amount to at bottom of the current year 25.5 billion 7, 0 dollar. 係 points to afore-mentioned amount to already obtained a bank to agree, but have not consign grants the loan of borrower. Chairman S committee member expresses, indonesian the sources of energy and monetary policy build course of study to cause negative effect to 製, stop to the end of the current year, these traditional issues will cause 製 to build industry growing ratio to drop.

Indonesian 產 course of study considers to develop orgnaization chairman Mr. Dedi Mulyadi confirms Indonesian 製 builds industry growing ratio to dropping, call a lot of labor concentrated 產 course of study include spin, shoe kind, 製 of grass of food, beverage, Yan, fertilizer, chemical, balata is tasted, cement and metalloid mine 產 will be suffer global economy depression to affect the deepest 產 trade.

Mr.Benny Soetrisno of chairman of Indonesian textile association expresses, the growing rate of course of study of 產 of spin of the 3rd season will reduce the current year possibly 1% , because Indonesian textile is the biggest,export the market - the United States buys gas decline, value of the export before the end of the year of the current year will achieve the goal of 11 billion dollar hard.

Indonesian food and Mr.ThomasDarmawan of chairman of association of beverage 產 trade express, this 產 industry grows rate general by the current year of the 2nd season 3.43% drop 1.5% reach 2.5% . Medium and small businesses handles main reason 係 feebly oil price rises problem.