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Indonesian 1 - spin export will increase 6 % in July
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Business company dispatch is Indonesian on September 23 report of industrial ministry official, 2008 first 7 months, indonesian spin and spin product export increase 6.17% , to 6.06 billion dollar, on prep above year the 5.71 billion dollar of the corresponding period.

The Zhou Wu of chief Hartojo Agus Tjahjono that industrial ministry is in charge of industry and mine product exit says, spin and spin product exit form Indonesian country to be not - oil / blame - 22.38% what natural gas exports, 14.45% what make exit of product of industry of the corresponding period.

Nearly 5 years, spin and spin product are opposite every year blame - oil / blame - the contributive rate that natural gas exports is 12.45% , the contributive rate that exports to domestic industry product is 14.81% .

He says, enhancing productivity, efficiency and competition ability is the key that spin and spin product enlarge global market share ceaselessly.