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Taiwan economy grows this year rate 4.2%
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According to Taiwan " sign up for jointly " will report Asian Development Bank on September 17 (ADB)16 day releases newest report to point out, next long Taiwan growing rate goes to the economy this year 4.2% , 4 Xiaolong's end of as paratactic as Singapore Asia, beforehand appraise Korea, Hong Kong still has this year 4.6% with the growing rate of 4.5% .

Inferior silver expresses, orgnaization of American large finance produces financial crisis in succession, make global money market considerably concussion, the inflation that future fears quickening Asian area goes situation. Inferior silver still is forecasted, the inflation of area of complete this year Asia year add rate general to be as high as 7.8% , asian area grows to also fear farther slow down with the economy of next year this year.

From last year boom of economy of home of United States of Europe of second half of the year is apparent after hasten delay, many economist point out, asian burgeoning area should can depend on the commerce inside increasingly close area and economic motivation, cast off the decline haze of Euramerican country, walk out of him “ one branch alone the highway of beautiful ” .

Nevertheless, inferior silver-colored newest report points out, the Asian market of 8 months was behaved in the past, see form already adequately this is mythological, show Asian economy to still admire country of Lai Gong course of study considerably, be opposite especially American exit. Inferior silver says, the United States imports the shoe of 85% kind with the dress of 1/3, it is the Asian area in coming from development.