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Seam machine industry production value 8 years head enjoy growth now
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The data that association of machine of tailor of   China publishs shows, in experience after developing 8 years quickly continuously, the environment outside getting home and industry interior the influence of all sorts of elements, industry production value presents negative growth first since this year, overall production is reduced in the round, company profit drops considerably, exit presents next slippery trends. Machinery of 1-5 month tailor and spare parts accumulative total import 150 million dollar, drop compared to the same period 22.89% .

The and other places of Zhejiang stage city that   centers in sewing machine industry, leap, lapidary, medium the difficulty that the much home company such as nimble is facing different level, capital is in short supply become its the greatest difficulty. Small company is almost entire stop production, secondary industry is in condition of half stop production, bibcock enterprise also is put in various problems. The personage inside course of study thinks generally, the weak power with tailor the greatest machine depends on be opposite dependence of spin garment industry is too big, and product structure with in cheap give priority to. And company of domestic large clothing purchases equipment from abroad for the most part, large quantities of in of small clothing company shut the quick atrophy that causes market of homebred tailor machine directly.