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Our country will be spun in June take exit to fall compared to the same period 4
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The newest statistic data that according to China net of the first spin releases yesterday shows, dress of our country textile will export amount to be fifteen billion and sixty-four million dollar June, drop compared to the same period 4.64% . This is ego country since joining WTO, clothing outlet is affecting the monthly beyond month objectively twice to appear continuously negative growth, and fall increase ceaselessly.

What “ is worth to pay close attention to is, since both sides of the beginning of the year executes bilateral and censorial mechanism, follow-up inland exports textile dress numerical value to show to the European Union, the exit of category of part of the corresponding period is climbed considerably this year litre. Among them hand-me-down, for example the dress is added fast fix eyes upon most, relatively rose 2007 315% . Ma Xinzheng of deputy editor in chief of network of the first spin weighs ” China: “ is bilateral and censorial the purpose of the mechanism is to watch the textile between European Union and Chinese inland and garment trade apparently, maintain bilateral control to trade technological process. Should the reaction of business of production of close and advertent European Union and European committee. ”

As contrary as this, maintain the 2nd United States that concerns with associate of the 3rd large trade and situation of exit of Hong Kong area to not allow with our country hopeful. 1~6 month exports textile dress to the United States this year in all ten billion two hundred and fifty-nine million dollar, export 9.594 billion dollar to Hong Kong, add compared to the same period fast drop respectively 1.03% with 13.12% .

Appreciate besides well-known RMB, second borrow the crisis, cost to rise outside waiting for influencing factor, the dimension information of Shanghai world seeks advice from Dai Ling of limited company analyst to think, money is at present constrictive, a lot of banks label spin industry of the setting sun, reject loan to give a company, especially medium and small businesses. The company must change folk to financing, its interest rate is bank interest rate probably 1 to 4 times, cost of this your business banking rises. At the same time abroad purchases business protraction finish to calculate period, in order to obtain difference of exchange rate benefit, the risk move reached export business of China.