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Suzhou clothing outlet goes against the raise on situation
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Since this year, suzhou spin dress exports the momentum that maintains rapid growth. According to Suzhou custom statistic, export 2.38 billion dollar first half of the year, grew 21.1% , the price also is compared the corresponding period rose last year 12.4% .

Spin dress is the traditional exit product of Suzhou, occupy in clothing outlet of the whole nation than 4.2% . Since this year, this city nearly 6 become dress sell past world each district through foreign trade company, among them company of constant embellish imports and exports becomes whole town dress to export large family with exceeding the outstanding achievement of 100 million dollar. In market of a few main export, although the United States suffers second lend crisis influence, but not big to garment trade impact. European Union market cancels as a result of quota, suzhou spin dress exports 630 million dollar to Europe first half of the year, grow 53% considerably. The key trade that the European Union has made dress of Suzhou area spin export is companionate.