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1 - Shandong is yellow in June insular shoe kind export increases considerably
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Appreciate in adjusting control of commerce taxation policy, RMB, the United States second below the austere condition that growth of the exit outside borrowing the crisis to affecting our country to be opposite, foreign trade puts delay, shoe of yellow island area under administration kind the product goes against city however and go up, to going out the mouth grows swift and violent, show the vitality with powerful line of business of yellow island shoe and competition ability. This year 1 to June, yellow island bureau examines in all exit shoe kind product 357 batches, amount 4.48 million pairs, goods is worth 9.708 million dollar, than last year the corresponding period grew 44.5% respectively, 147.8% , 158.3% , exit product basically has cloth shoe, indoor shoe, leather shoes, children's footwear to wait, main export reachs country and the area such as the United States, Japan, Korea, Australia, European Union.

Yellow island area under administration exports a shoe to produce industry measure to hold stabler position from beginning to end in last few years, the manufacturing technology of each enterprise is more mature, exit shoe kind quality standard is stabler. Shoe kind the main reason that product export increases considerably has: It is European Union market very big still to the demand of the shoe, annual demand is in 2 billion pairs of above, and at present European Union importer has not found the entrance country that can replace China completely, those who pass export business and importer is mutual yield benefit, basically be importer yields benefit, digested the cost that turns over dumping duty to increase, at the same time major company adjusted export structure inside area under administration, exit shoe class has bigger rise. 2 was to strengthen own development tide of world of follow closely of change of design, design and quality are good also be shoe of Huang Dao area under administration kind travelling merchant increasingly the reason place of grow in quantity, although be in,the province such as price respect and Zhejiang, Fujian compares summary lack competition ability, but yellow island shoe kind exit is in Euramerican the dominant position still is held in reaching a few main export markets such as Japan. 3 it is Huang Dao examines quarantine bureau organizes good outcome shoe actively kind cycle detects, strengthen the detecting of toxic to Yuan Fucai makings harmful substance, both neither delays the exit cycle of shoe look forward to, can make the product achieves the requirement that foreign code dictates again, elaborate organization is very daily at the same time examine superintendency job, ensure the condition that adds in export volume falls, also can make sure the service is superintended reach the designated position.