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Percent of pass of sampling observation of children clothing quality is 86%
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The reporter learns from city industrial and commercial bureau, recently this bureau runs from opposite directions hill of smooth, stage is met two city and bitter fleabane river, newly the 50 batch children that store of 15 bazaar of two areas, supermarket, clothing sells dress (contain infant dress) the discovery when undertaking selectiving examination, unqualified 38 batch, fraction defective is 76% , among them the 31 batch with eliminate pure unqualified label, immanent quality is eligible 43 batch, immanent quality percent of pass is 86% .

In selectiving examination this, the phenomenon with dress unqualified service instruction is more outstanding, in unqualified 38 batch sample, it is service instruction entirely unqualified, quite the service instruction existence of partial childen's garments lacks safe category, the product implements a standard symbol of catharsis of name of not accurate, product not accurate, product is incorrect wait for a problem.

Door of town The Ministry of Commerce and Industry introduces, this second selective examination to have part of 6 batch fiber in all unqualified, main show is being tagged with actual measurement the result nots agree with, still the scale that tags composition exceeds deviation. Complex bid or content of random mark composition can produce misdirect and deceit to consumer, harm the interest of consumer directly. More serious is suitable heart happy the dress of baby of ” of house of “ baby baby that from the town An Pengyin spends the factory that make the clothing to produce, nominal cotton 100% , detect actually the value is cotton 24.2% , polyester fibber 75.8% .

Of this second children clothing selective examination immanent quality percent of pass is 86% , as a whole commodity quality is better, main safety performance item is worth like formaldehyde content and PH each 1 batch is only unqualified, the dye of dissoluble balmy amine that causes cancer has no check to go out. (Zhan Bin of Tan Yueshao of our newspaper reporter's reporter)

Consume clew: The doohickey of childen's garments of choose and buy

Read commodity label above all, include the fast ticket on tag and dress. On tag due the mark such as category of grade of quality of number of executive standard of name of name of factory of brand, Chinese, the site of factory, commodity, commodity, commodity, safe technology. On fast ticket due the mark such as method of content of composition of date norms, fiber, catharsis. In the meantime, want to notice to examine generator and the name of the person that sell, address.

Next, want to treat the quality condition of commodity, general dress quality differentiates for classy article, first-rate product, qualification is tasted. Classy taste nature to compare first-rate product or qualification to taste on quality more get the better of one prepare.

3 it is the raw material that notices dress, first selection is pure cotton fabric, be like common pure cotton or goods of natural colour cotton, feel softness, breathe freely, contact cutaneous underwear especially, should give priority to with pure cotton more, unfavorable choose chemical fibber kind commodity, advantageous children is healthy.
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