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Bead why does trigonometry shoe exit begin costly?
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Through 20 accumulate for years, guangdong shoemaking course of study has decisive place in industry. Guangdong already made global shoe kind trade center and shoemaking material supply a center, shoemaking industry form a complete set is perfect, raw material purchases cost inferior, the enterprise has production of stronger research and development and market to extend capacity. Have on 10 thousand shoes at present kind manufacturing company, amount to above of 2 million person from personnel of course of study. Shoe kind one of heavy goods that had made Guangdong's principal property and exit, export value in successive years grows quickly, according to Guangzhou custom statistic, 2001 Guangdong shoe kind export 4.34 billion dollar, come to already jumped 2007 to 9.2 billion dollar, 6 years during broke up one time to have many, year all increase rate is achieved 13.3% .

Shoemaking already is too new round industry adjusts competition, this year bead trigonometry area shoe kind exit is apparently costly! 2008 1-5 month, guangdong exports 1.35 billion pairs of shoes, than last year the corresponding period (similarly hereinafter) drop 15.5% ; Export value is 3.97 billion dollar, grow 9.4% . Regard Guangdong as the shoe among them kind production is the most concentrated bead trigonometry area exports 940 million pairs of of all kinds shoes, drop considerably 25.7% ; Export value is 3.46 billion dollar, grow 8% . Exit presents the following apparent characteristics:

Competition quickens: Small export business decreases in nearly half

Since 2007, policy of harmonic below exit drawback improvement trade is adjusted, the RMB appreciates continuously, labor cost rises quickly and competition of shoe line of business is increasingly intense below the multiple converging attack that waits for an element, the shoe plant that begins to internal force of a batch of “ is not worth ” begins move to come bead the area beyond trigonometry perhaps quits shoemaking trade.

This year 1-5 month, bead trigonometry area shoe kind export business has 2428, than last year acute of the corresponding period decreases 2331, approach an in part bead trigonometry shoe kind export business had not exported gain this year. Although bead trigonometry shoe kind export business decreases nearly half, but exit outstanding achievement did not get too big impact, 1-5 month exports a value to be 3.46 billion dollar, still realize the amplitude of 8% . The company that exports a shoe to exceed 100 million dollar among them has 4, than last year the corresponding period increased 2; The company that exports a shoe to exceed dollar of 1 ten million has 62, than last year the corresponding period increased 7, month of 1-5 of these 62 enterprises exports a shoe 2.04 billion dollar, grow 16.5% considerably, exit forehead already took shoe of triangle of bead of the corresponding period kind 59% what export the specified number, bead trigonometry shoe kind exit more center to large company.
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