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Shenzhen gift is exhibited fall drive an industry to develop a height - home of
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Dimensions head defeats 90 thousand square metre -- the Shenzhen toy gift that will hold to 27 days on October 24, 2008 is exhibited, domain again outspread, of 90 thousand square metre exhibit a space, exhibit business to offer to join more capacious show world, drive gift industry to bear down on new peak!
The 7 big classification that exhibit a house are revealed -- in 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 7 exhibit a house to exhibit by product category greatly, exhibit a house to differentiate more clear, the product is great and rich, spin by pottery and porcelain, home, the skin is provided, house of toy divide into equal parts is divisional, make " in exhibiting, exhibit " , convenient exhibit business and the choice that buy the home.
General mobilization of gift base whole nation -- base is produced in the whole nation, characteristic property base lifts to form a delegation storm, each district government, ginseng of leading composition of enterprise of gift association, bibcock exhibits visiting group, jiangsu Nantong home spins manufacturing base, fujian moralization pottery and porcelain produces base, base of production of current state pottery and porcelain those who have long history is light industrial base will be exhibited in October go up to exhibit elegant demeanour.
Roll out first " order two " order -- Shenzhen gift is exhibited run year every year two, sponsor just roll out first " order two " conclude a way, the spring 2009 signs up when attending the business that autumn Shenzhen gift postponed in October 2008 to be able to be the same as Shenzhen gift will be exhibited in April, the old client that ginseng of in successive years exhibits can be withheld first original exhibit, all-around on Feburary 22 start old client reservation to postpone a job formerly. (toy gift exhibits Shenzhen organizing committee)