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The 3rd China can exhibit invitation letter of economic annual meeting - can exh
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The 3rd China can exhibit first economic annual meeting, China evaluate seminar, China to be able to exhibit economy prize-giving evening party of 2007 year large award on April 12, 2008 - in Guangzhou 13 days big public house of sweet case lira is held.

The meeting that China can postpone economic seminar to regard national, professional, research as the gender exhibits an organization, the meeting that its organize pays attention to an authoritative, high end, deal with concrete matters relating to work. Current annual meeting is new the important full congress that after a government is comprised, holds postpones economic meeting, plan to invite Department of Commerce to concern a leader, the high-level personage such as Long Yongtu, Wu Jianmin, Yu Xiaosong, Zhang Zhigang and numerous meeting exhibit bound elite, scholar to attend the meeting. This is China can exhibit trade official, produce, learn, when grind big communication, great party.

Conference general around " congress is exhibited " , " can exhibit evaluate with attestation " , " the application of international conference and organization " , " 2008 Guangzhou can exhibit economic forum " wait for heat to spread out, release what can exhibit economic seminar assess by China first " Chinese best show can exhibit a project " , issue " China can exhibit economy 2007 year large award " . Predict to will ginseng of many 300 delegate is met, hongKong and Macow can exhibit a personage to also will attend. Meeting admiral plans speech of many 20 honored guest, interact with the ginseng person that meet, discuss the issue that can postpone collective care.

Conference window:

1.Battle array of powerful honored guest, gain of forward position science is released;
2.The corresponding period holds first meeting to exhibit evaluate a seminar;
3.China can exhibit economy first 2007 year large award, outstanding meeting exhibits a project to award prize;
4.Hold time to be in wide hand in meeting eve (the 103rd wide hand in meeting first phase will kick off on April 15, pa continent exhibits house B area to be enabled in the round, exhibition area makes an appointment with 410 thousand square metre) , after the conference ends, facilitate attend wide hand in meeting;
5.Predicting HongKong and Macow attends a delegate 50;
6.The organization after the meeting goes to Macao to be able to be exhibited make an on-the-spot investigation.

Show concerned item as follows now:

One, conference time: Came 13 days on April 12, 2008
2, meeting site: Big public house of lira of Guangzhou sweet case
3, report for duty time: On April 11, 2008 afternoon 2: 00, late 8: 00
4, report for duty place: Hotel of Guangzhou new Pearl River (6 lines arrive directly at airport bus)
5, ginseng membership due uses: Register cost 1200 yuan, ask remit money. Meal is free; Accommodation cost, transportation expenses provides for oneself.
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