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Beijing carpentry is exhibited will kick off grandly in March - carpentry furnit
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Dimensions Asia the first, industry stretchs a neck in order to wait for, two years for a time dozenth an international woodworker and exhibition of furniture production facilities / dozenth an international furniture fittings, material and wood exhibition (abbreviation " 2008 Beijing carpentry is exhibited " ) be about to in March 2008 7-10 day exhibits a center to be held grandly at Beijing China International. Giant extend meeting scope, product of brand-new and banner technology, world each district buys the home to be chased after ardently hold in both hands, multilateral government sector and Department of Commerce carry power support on the head, high-end grand meeting all is in " 2008 Beijing carpentry is exhibited " .

As the history the longest " Beijing carpentry is exhibited " , since first degrees are held 1986, in promote foreign minister closed an industry to exert key and long-term influence on technical cooperative foundation. Month of 20 years of wonderful 歳, wrote down " Beijing carpentry is exhibited " brilliant one page. " Beijing carpentry is exhibited " by 8 first, 000 square metre and 150 ginseng postpone business, to go " 2006 Beijing carpentry is exhibited " already amounted to 44, 000 square metre, 530 ginseng of 19 countries and area postpone business, growth rate increases by degrees with multiple, pick next Asias' biggest professional woodworker to exhibit the laurel of the meeting.

" 2008 Beijing carpentry is exhibited " exhibit an area to leave one town again, brand-new record 60, 000 square metre, relatively go an increase sharply 36% . Even more 20 countries and area even more 600 famous postpone business, include Taiwan of Special Administrative Region of Argentine, Australia, Belgian, Canada, France, Finnish, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norwegian, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, China province, China and United States strong showpiece, in the center, the national district such as Germany, Italy and Taiwan more the organization exhibits round ginseng.

" 2008 Beijing carpentry is exhibited " obtain since enrolling business numerous exhibit business to be chased after ardently hold in both hands, sponsor square decision to add 5 houses, add up to 14 houses, exhibit business demand in order to satisfy. The well-known company of a series of international and home already was fulfilled ginseng exhibit, include: Michael might, Ou Dengduo, power great of Dick of fierce, wheat, annulus, Zhuang Tian, acute inferior, plute, enlighten fragrance Kang Pu of Bach, Xin Beier, beautiful Zhuo Ren is built board, 100 grand, . Exceed 2, 000 top woodworker appear on the spot, have in the center major more what exhibit in China first is brand-new product!

To receive 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, sponsor just invite China and foreign countries is celebratedly " of family property of government of brand " emperor, hold jointly " furniture of Olympic Games life shows a subprovincial administrative region " . " series of Olympic Games furniture shows a subprovincial administrative region " the house will be exhibited to exhibit in 5, will reveal the furniture that place of village of player of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games uses, it is a link that fix eyes upon surely surely.
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