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Lukewarm city luxury is exhibited let you pass an extravagant strong interest -
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"Exhibition of luxury of international of the 2nd 2008 lukewarm cities " be about to in March 2008 27 - in Wen Zhou 29 days the international exhibition center is held ceremoniously. Exhibit an area 6400 square metre, at the appointed time assemble domestic and international more than 100 top class and extravagant brand. This second exhibit can save association of luxury of international chamber of commerce, China, Wen Zhou by Zhejiang total chamber of commerce and China double be filled with group limited company to be sponsorred jointly jointly, wen Zhou double be filled with international to show limited company specific undertake.

Wen Zhou is attracting international with its distinctive urban glamour, tremendous spending potential all the time the look of top class brand. Lukewarm city BMW, run quickly reach all sorts of high-grade cars to have a quantity to rank countrywide front row. Was judged to be China to have one of competitive vigor cities most by CCTV 2005; 2006 year are judged to be China to have one of vigor cities most by Forbes; Be judged to be by Forbes at the same time China had one of happy feeling cities most 2006. Chinese economy lasts 30 years high speed develops, make China is become not only draw the country with most foreign capital, produced large quantities of rich and powerful person, especially southeast is taken littoral, and Wen Zhou is the cogongrass before ranking the whole nation more.

Hold this to exhibit meeting purpose: The experience is extravagant, inheritance is classical, grade life, promotion brand, gather group of top class consumption, lead demand, build fortune salon. Reveal glamour of art of brand of current international luxury, for domestic and international top class vogue the brand builds a high end to consume platform, pull close international the distance of top class luxury and successful personage, the communication between stimulative international enterprise and collaboration, offer to them one-stop salon is exhibited meeting.

This second exhibit can act on beneficent go ahead of the rest to allow charity and luxury in all the mobile concept of dance, sponsor just reach famous entrepreneur special roll out name for " charity of celebrity calligraphy and painting donates an auction to meet " beneficent activity, sale gain is all money general alms always is met to charity. The purpose of beneficent activity: Let first rich the Wen Zhou's people that rise is rich not forget one's origin, in him award while, ground of in one's power shows loving care for group of social weak force, make career of beneficent merits and virtues more, be apt to allowing kind becomes a custom, let love to become greatly infinite, build harmonious society thereby, day person syncretic. The organizing committee still will invite sincerely distinguished personages of lukewarm city all circles to fill at the appointed time put on banquet, deduce luxury and decorous, people has deep love for edify life sentiment. Here, we invite all circles personage to sign up eagerly cordially. Advisory hot line: 086-0577-86001886. (Organizing committee of exhibition of luxury of lukewarm city international is offerred draft)
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