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Spic HongKong and Macow is built can exhibit a website to coordinate 3 ground to
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As spic HongKong and Macow can exhibit course of study to develop quickly, 3 ground can be exhibited how to coordinate reached collaboration to become central issue of the attention inside course of study. Reporter from yesterday Guangzhou holds " spic HongKong and Macow can postpone association chairman joint meeting " know, this year " spic HongKong and Macow can exhibit forum of collaboration of course of study " will move division Macao is held.

Macao " Venetian " 100 thousand square metre can exhibit central investment to use, guangzhou Pa continent exhibit a center 23 period the project is short-term inside be about to complete, hong Kong can exhibit central extend project very fast also completion, what 3 ground saloon contends for spic HongKong and Macow photograph enlarge look. To this, guangzhou city can exhibit property guild chairman Bo Canxiong expresses to the reporter, at present industry of 3 ground exhibition has not appear malign competition, but how to coordinate congener exhibition schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater to reach avoid to create the competition that do not have foreword, had carried on 3 ground to be able to exhibit desk of discuss official business. 3 ground can exhibit trade association to intent is built hand in hand can exhibit a website, let join exhibit reach watch the meeting that postpones an enterprise to understand 3 ground the corresponding period to hold to extend a case, make each congener meeting exhibits be apt to to use share client resource even. He discloses, guangzhou is grinding draft relevant meeting to exhibit industry government measure, adopt support and guide wait for means, force hurried Guangzhou is made give a few famous brand to be able to be exhibited.

Bo Canxiong says, cooperative key is stimulative spic HongKong and Macow this year mutual ginseng meets 3 ground, the exhibition trade association that will invite Hong Kong and Macao on the encyclopedical meeting that will hold in September forms a delegation attend.

Macao exhibits association chairman Lin Zhongxian to tell a reporter, for promotion place can extend industry competition ability, will wait to hold commercial pair for chance with can exhibiting forum of collaboration of course of study, encourage Macao to meet the medium and small businesses that exhibit property and Guangzhou person of the same trade joint-stock collaboration.