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Make western flowers industry " 3 centers " - orchid flowers is auctioned - exhi
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Civilian endowment aim at flowers investment

"5000 yuan, for the first time! 5000 yuan, the 2nd! 5000 yuan, the 3rd! Clinch a deal! " the mallet since actioneer hand falls, the Wen Jiang that held a few days ago greets spring flower grass to exhibit, the name is " sword Yang Die " orchid clinched a deal so. This is a reporter the one act that exhibits orchid auction to be able to see in flowers of lukewarm river winter jasmine. Exhibit in this be taken on the meeting on sale orchid shares more than 10, pat more than yuan 30 thousand in all, let orchid investor earn a basin full earthen bowl is full.

One flower draws 100 course of study to promote

By the Chengdu City farming appoint, the first weather government office that the unit such as business affairs bureau sponsors jointly spends city cup flowers of lukewarm Jiang Yingchun is exhibited, the long history that reflected Chengdu to cultivate orchid from a flank and the tremendous business chance that invest orchid are met. Via old development, industry of orchid of area of lukewarm river of the Chengdu City already implemented scale, current, whole area flowers and trees produces gross area 130 thousand mus, occupy flowers and trees of the Chengdu City to cultivate the 1/2 of the area, the 1/3 that Sichuan saves. The farmer that whole area is engaged in flowers and trees producing many 20 thousand, asset 3.5 billion yuan, the product sells as far as to home area of and other places of the country such as slope of city of 20 many provinces and Japan, Korea, new home and Chinese Hong Kong, Taiwan, flowers and trees year sales revenue 800 million yuan of above. Among them, orchid specialist 2000, help advance somebody's career area 3000 mus, value 500 million yuan, 2007 orchid production value 100 million yuan of above.

"One flower draws 100 course of study to promote. " a chief says mobile organizing committee, in recent years, lukewarm river area around western research and development of estate of flowers and trees, production, trade " 3 centers " construction, develop property of flowers and trees energetically, pay attention to recommend company of domestic and international famous flowers, lengthen flowers industry chain, effect of enlarge flowers industry, promote the first industry and tertiary industy to interact, drive lukewarm river travel, content shedding to carry, meal, recreational, meeting is exhibited, the rapid development of the industry such as estate, to plan as a whole urban and rural development was carried prop up for strong industry.

Investment " beautiful flowers and plants is careless " also have " money " road. Lukewarm river area next making a way is, hold to " collect resource, outstanding key, form characteristic " train of thought, according to make western flowers industry " 3 centers " requirement, compose is built " two belts 3 form a delegation " industrial space layout, solid advance traditional agriculture to span to contemporary agriculture.
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