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Complementary makings exposition will meet international face in April Ke Qiao -
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20 days, the reporter spins city building gently to be in charge of from China appoint know, to promote spin the industry further, development carry on promotes a county to be able to exhibit property, will come 26 days on April 24, carry on promotes a county to will be in center of trade of Ke Qiao world to hold " textile face of international of Ke Qiao of 2008 China · complementary makings exposition (spring) " , the corresponding period still will be held " embroidery of machinery of spin of Chinese · Ke Qiao and exposition of the equipment that make the clothing " .

As we have learned, this second exhibiting can be to rely on " the meeting that spin rich " bibcock, integrated and existing meeting exhibits resource, develop dominant position of local industry, market, make the major move that makes strong meeting exhibit a property greatly, make become " the meeting that spin rich " the another large major after is exhibited meeting.

It is reported, this second exhibit meeting general to give priority to a problem with vogue, character, green, pass governmental guiding, by professional exhibition the company is commercialized run, pay attention to the invitation to purchasing business, use major run means to do major to exhibit meeting.

This second exhibit meeting international standard will exceed 420, show an area above of 16 thousand square metre, reveal spin fabrics in order to center. Already started before the Spring Festival about preparatory job, exceed an in part at present exhibit already was booked, job of the flutter that enrol business still is in fervent in undertaking.