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Spring justice hands in meeting general to add 3 big outlet to exhibit an area -
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Since 2004, spring " justice hand in meeting " already held 4 continuously, annual on March 10 - in Zhejiang justice black is held 12 days. This is exhibited can be Shanghai today limited company of ancient exhibition service uses justice black - the advantaged local resource advantage of international trade city establishs the major that rise is exhibited meeting, be with " drive commerce to clinch a deal, build cooperative platform " the trade trade platform that is a tenet. China Craft Fair uses her 4 years the practice of harships course explained the route that takes own innovation, do world brand to exhibit of the meeting brand-new concept. Promote was major of international of handicraft, gift and industry of household articles for use to exhibit 2007, by Department of Commerce approval, small industrial and commercial conference is sponsorred. Its dimensions by 6 original, 500 square metre grow 15, 000 square metre; Professional audience and buy the home to also grow nearly 34, 000, broke up one time almost; Exhibit meeting commerce to clinch a deal frontal accumulative total already exceeded 900 million yuan of RMBs. This Fair already was industry of Chinese handicraft, gift 3 exhibit greatly one of, more annual spring handicraft, gift and manufacturer of household articles for use buy a direct contact in target of justice black and whole world, establish business connection and promoted exit outstanding achievement to provide unique window.

2008 the 5th spring " justice hand in meeting " flutter job already began to be started in the round, exhibit can reach administrative unit as a whole today ancient exhibition discloses, the 5th today Guyiwu purchases Fair dimensions to will increase to 1000 to exhibit, exhibit an area to will exceed 17000 to make the same score rice. Buy more overall demand of the home to satisfy major, exhibit can divide outside including phyletic and all ready handicraft, gift and household articles for use, still will increase pottery and porcelain of craft of vacuum flask container, daily expense and classic craft furniture 3 exhibit an area greatly, the limits containing a lid that lets a product is more comprehensive. In addition, today the purchase travel that ancient exhibition still prepared a series of appreciation to serve to buy the home in order to abound. Exhibit can medium brand zone, new product to reveal a covered corridor or walk, country and area to exhibit area and free seminar to give bought the home to provide more information, aid them to search for end product to get newest trade information.