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To 2010 production value of material of shoe of line of business of stone lion s
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In recent years, stone lion devotes oneself to the adjustment of industrial structure, increased except spin dress other the strength that industry of 6 big pillar grows, drive machine of material of shoe of shoe line of business, hardware ceaselessly, presswork pack, the industry such as information of treatment of sporting goods, food, electron continues to develop expand, not only “ parts basket installs egg ” , and make the “ egg ” of ” of basket of a few “ ceaseless also hard grow in quantity. To “ according to city concerned department 915 ” develop medium-term industry to develop state analysis to forecast, to 2010 6 big industries all have stone lion greater progress, among them production value of material of shoe of shoe line of business can amount to 8 billion yuan.

Since this year, treasure builds garden of industry of shoe line of business to build go into operation stage by stage, company of estate of a batch of new old shoes is able to expand apparently on dimensions, as product line of a batch of advanced shoemaking introduce and in succession put into production, the gross of industry of lumber of shoe of line of business of stone lion shoe and industry standard get expand further and promoting. On the other hand, company of estate of backbone bibcock shoe grows quickly, bird of riches and honour invested 1 many to establish the garden of industry of shoe line of business that covers an area of 122 mus in Hong Shanxin, after building, will make twice of crop of high-grade and recreational leather shoes rises in this group; Mu Linsen group is built in treasure head period the shoe line of business that extend covers an area of 100 mus produces base, after building will produce 8 million pairs of recreational leather shoes every year. In addition, a person of extraordinary powers is triumphant the dimensions that waits for look forward to of shoe of a few backbones also expands further, already introduced advanced product line in succession. City Bureau of Economics expresses about chief, of look forward to of shoe of this batch of backbones be built with great quantity and development drives effectively capable person of shoe of line of business of stone lion shoe the development of whole industry.

In last few years, development of estate of machinery of stone lion hardware is very satisfactory also, the industry of ” of “ metal fittings in the past already presented the good state that to “ big hardware ” expands, anticipate to entire 2010 industry production value can amount to 9 billion yuan; Presswork the development of the course of study that pack is none inferior also, complete travel is formed presswork the industrial system with complete category of the product that pack, realized industrial production value 2007 1.8 billion yuan of above, predict to 2010 production value can exceed 2.5 billion yuan; The put into production of project of the much beverage that add treasure and sea product machine the rapid development of course of study, the further progress that processes trade to stone lion food laid good foundation, predict entire 2010 industry is achievable production value 5 billion yuan. Mix additionally according to the analysis forecast, to 2010 Information Industry of stone lion electron can exceed 1 billion yuan.
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