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Cape Verde shoe kind dress is defeated by the United States not to have quota li
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Cape Verde is the favored nation of growth of American “ Africa and opportunity act ” , the dress that this country exports to the United States, shoe kind the product enjoys the favourable treatment that does not have quota limitation, 0 custom duty. In addition, cape Verde still enjoys pair of Canada, European Union and and other places of community of West Africa economy to export the privilege such as derate custom duty.

Cape Verde is the insularity of West Africa, islands dispersive, population is little, but this state ground clutchs beautiful, blame, Europe, inferior 4 continent sea hands in a communications center. All the time since, this national capital is each continent the staging post of ocean ship and large airlines associate with, the “ that be called joins the crossroad of each continent. ”

As we have learned, the government is devoting oneself to this country to expand its the traffic key position that makes international trade at present. The personage inside course of study thinks, as the development transition of Cape Verde, reach what this country and collaboration of Chinese classics trade concern to strengthen, the enterprise will enter his as commodity henceforth western the “ terminal ” of African market.

Wenbeituo asks secretary of state of Cape Verde economy in · cloth express, cape Verde by be located at in Atlantic islands group composition, among them 9 islands are inhabited, terrestrial gross area 4033 square kilometer, total population 458 thousand person, stand by West Africa broad market and strategical ground of raw material origin.

The absolutely position change that we get on geography is “ compare a dominant position, make national transition international service and trade centre. According to us new development plans, cape Verde will build freight and passenger transport storage to divide the carriage network that move. Our country already never developed country development becomes medium income state, joined World Trade Organization. Regard West Africa country as the member of community, strive will make Cape Verde be in for China henceforth West Africa the strategy of second area is companionate, pass the transition of oneself, become Chinese commodity to enter western of Africa mix reliably the platform that has competition ability. He says ” .

According to introducing, cape Verde is planning Shengwensente insular building China cooperates in African economy one of areas, at present already the industrial district is in construction, concerned program still plans to build deep water port in this island.

Cape Verde is a consumption model society, its country production cannot satisfy consumptive requirement far, the daily articles for daily use of 80%% above and all and mechanical equipment, housing materials relies on this country entrance, main commerce associate is Portuguese, Italy, Brazil, France, Angola, Holand. Content can use Cape Verde import to be collected now pay. Political situation is stable since this country is long-term, in recent years economy grows continuously, its government made a series of foreign capital policy give aid to investment, affirmatory in belongings insurance of protection, bank, land is used, the respect such as fair competition provides policy protection.
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