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Shoe factory " take man " partial supplier is faced with close down
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Husband defaults payment for goods to take man, wife factory suffers disaster to be chased after debt. Yesterday morning, boss of mill of many 40 coolie gathers in east chase after at the door the 10 shoes factory of the city demand payment for goods, they are originally by Qing Xi always roc shoe factory defaults payment for goods, after “ opened many yuan of at least 2000 lip service to us, boss person disappeared now, can come to the factory of his wife only panhandle. ”

“ walked along factory of fellow ” shoe to manage 18 years

Yesterday morning 11 when make, the reporter comes east the 10 shoes factory of garden of industry of the classics outside city ox hill, 10 mills boss is hitting gate mouth know exactly about sth to chase after the scroll that denounces money earned by hard toil, the police maintains order in the spot.

Boss of a mill tells a reporter, the mill boss that gathers in this is in Qing Xiyong the supplier of roc shoe factory. Always roc shoe factory is managed had had 18 years, name is bigger, employee exceeds 1000 people, a lot of suppliers already Tong Yongpeng cooperated 45 years. But to this year, always roc shoe factory was defaulted he the payment for goods of ~9 month will be done not have all the time in June. September, always the boss of roc shoe factory opened check, “ but go when exchange, ability discovery is dud cheque. ”

A few suppliers say, in discovery always roc what the boss gives them is dud cheque hind, they can understand only for always roc it is baleful default payment for goods and take man.

And be in always roc the boss gives out in soliciting creditor book, the boss calls law of nix of the language after he performed an operation because of tongue cancer in March 2007, action freely, the result causes a works again and again deficit, will deal debt by the lawyer that has public letter power.

According to reporter understanding, tens of names in the supplier, by Qing Xi always the payment for goods that roc shoe factory defaults, have many yuan 100 more, little also have many yuan 20. These mill bosses introduce, panhandle had been denounced 5 times, but respond to without what all the time.

Partial supplier is faced with close down predicament

The reporter understands, in the supplier of the spot, already a few people face the dilemma that the factory closes down because of this be put into trouble. “ should be less than money, have blind lane only, disappear always roc the boss does not go back absolutely. A supplier says ” .

Suppliers tell a reporter, 10 shoes factory is always the wife of boss of roc shoe factory left 2006, they arrive for goods previously always roc shoe factory, go to 10 shoes factory with respect to material be sendinged by the requirement sometimes. Cooperated old, these circumstance suppliers are clearer. Be in 11 during, the boss of 10 shoes factory also appears personally with the supplier people had talked, say after October 5 settle payment for goods. But later also appeared personally without the person again.
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