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Shoe aircraft company should adjust strategy to answer pressure
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Low end machine of actor of end of superfluous, business is not worth the product, rolled steel rises in price too fast, manpower cost rises too much, small company financing is too difficult, company of aircraft letting a shoe begins to invest enlarge to produce carefully, reduce manufacturing cost as far as possible.

Beforehand estimation adjusts a price

Those who face price of shoe machine raw material is big go up, cost rises cannot changeover, had been like at the shoe aircraft company of ” of period of “ small profit still produce by the order cost price that received last year this year, be sure deficit. “ although the manufacturing cost of shoe machine rose this year a lot of, but in the market the price of shoe machine product is done not have however how old change, a little mechanical sale price even under last year. ” trafficker of machine of a shoe introduces to the reporter, at present trafficker is in “ when replenish onr's stock, can go by market situation only, market sale price is carried do not rise, the pressure majority that shoe machine makes can let shoe mechanism build an enterprise to assume only, from say on the whole, the profit of enterprise and agency is in drop. ”

Control cost broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure

As a result of the depression of whole of market of domestic shoe machine, by force of the cost pressure that rises ceaselessly, company of most shoe aircraft puts management main end in control cost, as far as possible cut expenditure, for one future development saves actual strength go up.

From break out of an encirclement of market of “ international ”

Companion is adjusted as what home makes trade trade shuffle, market of industry of domestic shoe machine will appear those who last a few years is low fan period. Cost of labor of industry of chinese mainland shoemaking is rising continuously, enterprise of shoemaking of a few foreign capital begins to manufacturing cost all countries transfer lower southeast Asia, place also grows quickly to the demand of shoemaking machinery. The market point of growth with new company of prospective shoe aircraft, probable meeting is on the international market.

The diversity of product of executive shoemaking machinery

Shoemaking machinery is light industrial inside mechanical category professional a very strong manufacturing industry, it has much variety, the manufacturing characteristic of little batch, can carry out the diversity of the product. Industry of machine of lukewarm city shoe should be used not only have inject, pouring the equipment of craft, cold bonding craft, have the facility of seam craft even, this ability makes its and Chinese shoe the position is proportional, aim at product of shoe machine dominant to be not put even at the same time, it is trailbreaker with own intellectual property, develop the product outside short, smooth, fast industry accordingly, will enhance the vigor of company of aircraft of lukewarm city shoe.  
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