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Look forward to of stone lion shoe takes innovation seriously to develop continu
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Although come this year economic situation is complex and changeful, but shoe line of business still maintains stone lion to develop momentum quickly continuously. Understand from section of tax of state of stone lion city yesterday, before 9 months, shoe of stone lion city kind the product still holds bigger growth range, whole town shoe kind enterprise put in storage 6.37 million yuan, than adding 1.8 million yuan, grow 39.39%% .

According to the analysis, brand enterprise maintains line of business of shoe of stone lion city to increase good progress impetus continuously, company of estate of shoe of our city brand tackles key problem through the technology, the way such as site of the sale outside establishing research and development to the group promotes a product additional cost and add country increases product market share.

Shoemaking course of study is one of industries of 6 big pillar of industry of industry of stone lion city. In recent years, industry of lumber of shoe of line of business of shoe of stone lion city is managed with the brand nod to be cut, it is motivation with technical reformation with adding endowment enlarge to produce, it is direction in order to perfect industrial catenary, increase capital attraction strength, accelerate build the quality guarantee system that accords with requirement of international environmental protection, push the dilate that the industry measures and qualitative promotion. In the meantime, the our city accelerates construction treasure to build market of major of area of garden of industry of shoe line of business and shoe material form a complete set; Develop an area advantage, collect circumjacent shoe line of business to produce can, the shoe line of business that makes its become fontal state produces base, make fontal state industry board piece main component, in the position that takes importantly on market of estate of domestic and international shoe, enhance market competition ability ceaselessly.

Come this year, company of estate of shoe of stone lion city adopts measure to answer complex economic situation, company of each shoe estate takes brand of technical innovation, creation seriously, the advanced production facilities that introduces the country such as Italy, Germany and shoe material, ceaseless research and development produces new product, increase shoe line of business productivity, development market. As we have learned, company of lumber of shoe of line of business of whole town shoe is close 600, basically produce the product such as recreational shoe, fashionable dress shoe, travel shoe, sneaker, sandal, stone lion city already had company of 8 shoes estate to have the honor to win Chinese well-known logo. Current, the stability that section of city state tax is adopting positive step to promote revenue income grows and coordinate growth of taxation economy evenly.

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