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Chengdu of October of magnate of world shoe line of business talks a sword
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Yesterday (5) day, reporter from “ China female shoe - international purchases section ” organizing committee to understand, on October 14, international purchased property of section world shoe 2008 (Chengdu) forum will be pulled open new round of big screen, this Chengdu will perfect the communication of Chengdu and world shoe line of business and communication further by the sword.

Arrive from 2005 2008, 3 years during the total output value of Chengdu shoe line of business turned over 3 times above, among them 50%-70% comes from the order with Yu Dong coastal ministry to transfer. “ basis before experience, the industry transfers a purpose to solve configuration resource and market effectively to develop namely, look from integrated element, the sexual price of Chengdu is compared is complete China is best absolutely. Chairman of union of a person of academic or artistic distinction of shoemaking of Ren Da of ” Italian low 100 inferior spend an evaluation. So far, had entered the whole world that purchases section commerce conjugate to meet certainly famous the group that buy the home already exceeded 10.

As we have learned, the forum of world shoe line of business October 14, guild chairman will assemble in level of state of Italy, Spain Chengdu, the gradient of industry of shoe line of business below “ globalization setting transfers the big setting of ” , commerce of female shoe of fractionize of market of international shoe estate and China, initiate Chinese shoe line of business to develop the many topics such as new structure to will be become this year the grand opera of international forum. And Russia market appears queasy, long-term also facing test of life and death with the Chengdu shoe look forward to that gives priority to to Russian commerce, at the appointed time, come from China to be stationed in Russia embassy commercial counsellor and vice-chairman of alliance of line of business of Russia country shoe to be able to give demonstrate of Chengdu shoe look forward to way.

International forum is one of characteristic brands that purchase a division, the organizing committee establishs the organization world shoe line of business (Chengdu) the standing body of forum, the pertinent question that raises for international forum offers to settle way specificly.

As the whole world the greatest quality detects one of orgnaizations, in coming from INTERTAK company of England to be examined in old test, had fumbled a way that gave to shape quite, 2008 international purchases a section to go up, INTERTAK company sends person specially assigned for a task to make special subject chair with respect to the discriminative ” of line of business of “ China shoe and standard of Euramerican shoe industry, the senior stylist that comes from France at the same time, France cheats Biliai chief of Chinese project department still will do relevant symposium.

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