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Shallow talk about a shoe to take informatization of terminal of course of study
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Business company on October 6 dispatch the competition of all trades and professions is more and more intense nowadays, dress shoe line of business is more such. Once upon a time some year productivity competes, compete to the channel later, and the price competes, till the competition of sales promotion respect, competition has pervaded each aspects of the sale that take a shoe. When competition reached the level that turn white-hot, terminal makes ultimate sale a magic weapon, this is terminal of so called decide the issue of the battle.

Terminal management decides enterprise life and death, although truth everybody understands, nevertheless, making what equipment feels pained take shoe business operator is, in be being run actually, the management of terminal is worse and worse however. This is reflected in, what terminal runs is coessential change an appearance stronger and stronger, brought about an enterprise to need to expend energy to be able to be on outstanding achievement slightly on terminal only before in big strides goes ahead, and make now “ all over skill ” instead effects is very small. The enterprise just rolled out mode of a kind of sale, immediately can adversary follow-up is imitated, cannot undertake differring dissimilation at all. Particularly crucial is, of the information of premise —— terminal that regards all management as the plan be short of break or lack fidelity, bring about an enterprise to cannot formulate sound sale strategy according to market demand.

In fact, already a lot of take the help that shoe brand enterprise been usinging IT technology to resolve the terminal government awkward situation that faces at present, the information system of companies of a lot of well-known the brand that take a shoe has finished the information inside terminal limits compositive, they not only can get primary production, supplier and client information from inside the system, a lot of enterprises had begun to begin to use IT at present, solve analytic report to buy deed, trade and the function such as sales promotion information and significant product safety demand.

To beginning for the enterprise taking a shoe of system of deploy terminal informatization, what perhaps be faced with now is to seek quicker terminal solution, can get used to the need of the terminal of domestic different environment. Research center of informatization of FMC(dress management) in its " strategy of informatization of brand clothing company and implementation " the Ceng Di in one book goes out, the idealest effect of terminal informatization is all terminal can informatization. The information that comes from terminal feedback so will be the most complete, and complete terminal data can coach strongly the sale of the enterprise is decision-making.