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The RMB appreciates exit drawback rate reduces export company transition is not
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Appreciate continuously as the RMB reach exit to retreat tax rate to reduce, the day of traditional export business is more and more uneasy. Luo Ji of · of chief economist Si Difen was accepting Magenshidanli recently when media is interviewed, say, chinese economy should stand firm truly, must adjust economic structure, expand inside need, abandon this not to have his road. To traditional export business character, huge home market to their beck, the pressure that the RMB appreciates continuously also forces them to return to home market, but it is not easy that many export businesses express transition, the way home is bad to go.

Save introduction of annals of heart of Xu of chairman of chamber of commerce of imports and exports according to Guangdong, the business that very much past does outcome purely had the idea that turns around change to another ship to make home market now. The main pressure that they face has 3: The RMB appreciates, export price advantage drops; The country exports drawback extent to drop, profit is reduced; Turn over a dumping to act more jump over intense, domestic company loses a lawsuit more.

The RMB appreciates export price advantage drops

Since exchange rate mechanism will be reformed last year in July, at present the RMB appreciates extent is 3 % about. On December 14, valence breaks through the col of 7.82 among RMB add dollar, to 7.8197. Xu Dezhi expresses, opposite at RMB add dollar when 8.3 rate of exchange, export a company at present at least loss 8 % arrive the profit of 9 % .

Have feeling greatly to this a lot of enterprises, 10 thousand force of Guangzhou " Zou Yong Zhi shows " tire general manager, this year they because exchange rate problem at least loss 20 million yuan. Shellfish of country's biggest the enterprise that make a pen sends group president Qiu Zhiming to express: "The RMB appreciates, of oil price not stable create raw material (plastic, printing ink) etc carry valence to also give us outlet bring very big impact, the shellfish hair that depends on exit was mixed last year the influence that got the RMB appreciates to rise in price with raw material first half of the year this year, exchange rate change lets shellfish send a loss many yuan 2000, of price of copper of before this year 4 months rise to also let our incur 20 million yuan loss. Of price of copper of before this year 4 months rise to also let our incur 20 million yuan loss..

Adjust profit of exit drawback tax rate to reduce

This year in September, the country adjusted the exit drawback tax rate of a variety of commodity.

Senior analysis personage thinks inside course of study, to textile export business character, export those who withdraw tax rate to reduce produced bigger negative effect undoubtedly, also be one of elements that quicken them to return to home market. But from long-term in light of, the fall of tax rate, will be helpful for spin enterprise accelerating a change in order to measure the competitive mode of get victory, will be a when ability of " of bargain of " of enterprise of test China foreign trade and industry upgrade rare opportunity.
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