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" construction of market of major of Chinese spin dress and management are norma
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" construction of market of major of Chinese spin dress and management are normative " divide in all for: Program design standard, property service standard, service function standard, trade mode standard 4 parts content.

(One) the program designs normative content essentials

The program designs normative and main content to involve layout of market optional location and overall planning, business space, fire prevention and 4 aspects such as scattered, construction equipment.

1, success of market optional location is crucial

In market optional location and overall planning paragraphic in, according to the main body function of the classification of professional market category and dimensions and professional market, have the regulation of sound program layout, advanced the important principle of the optional location of professional market: “ adaptability, harmonious sex, economy, strategical ” principle. At the same time element of influence optional location also is the main factor of program layout, basically include: Group of environment of “ area development, trade trades a few respects such as the environmental ” that environment, market competes. Current, be in area of the eastpart part, the investment business investment to territory of market of spin dress major is enthusiastic, make commercial real estate progressively investment is fervent, invest the business demand to optional location environment, appear particularly important. Of the layout form that at the same time the total position of professional market considers the market even and exterior traffic join. Be like: The passageway square of professional market and jockey the layout of area.

2, equitable distribution, program interior space.

Professional market is built, the basis makes those who use a function different, can differentiate to do business for “ , ” of service, traffic space of 3 big functions. Business space layout includes plane to decorate, berth design, stream of people is oriented system. Among them berth design is crucial to the management of professional market, noticing habit of consumer of practical, beautiful sex, esteem, unified storefront the respect such as figure and adornment decoration made relevant provision. Oriented system acts on principle of objective and sound program, make the stream of people inside professional market can realize “ to plan the standard of ” of sex of gender, successional, consistency, easy knowledge, achieve thereby efficient, expedite, convenient, comfortable purchase an environment. Traffic space layout includes “ level traffic, perpendicular traffic, freight flow layout, trouble-free a few respects such as dimensional design ” . Go up in service space layout accessary establishment program designs space of mature appreciation service and client.

3, fire prevention and scattered it is the management with professional main market assures.
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