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Custom is superintended execute the law had " the 3rd eye "
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An enterprise imported a batch of metals to machine the bit that machinery uses a few days ago, declare total prices to be 100.8 dollars only. The member that Hangzhou custom closes is in examine and verify when this customs declaration, execute the law through custom evaluate a system, tone reviewed relevant import data, judgement its are put extremely likely in price cozenage, pass model of the name of an article of goods of examine and verify, norms, material to pledge then, and of basis full and accurate execute the law evaluate a data, elaborated custom to hold the ground of its price low newspaper to importer. Importer plaints again and again: You get even my not fair price so clearly however. Subsequently importer lets afresh foreign offerred bill according to the facts, will declare total prices to raise 4747.45 dollars, final pay tax evaded 11421 yuan, extent of pay tax evaded is as high as 99 % .

Hangzhou custom can get behind the crafty plot of afore-mentioned price cozenage, superintend “ what profit from is weighed to execute the law the custom of ” of the 3rd eye executes the law evaluate a system.

Custom executes the law evaluating a system is close behavior and custom to execute the law with recording an enterprise to connect business data of the activity is a foundation, apply advanced statistic to analyse technology and data exploration method, execute the law to custom efficiency and integral risk feature undertake macroscopical monitor supervisory decision-making support system. This system compares scientific ground to undertake to state of custom major servicing trends monitors an analysis, to custom lawfully administration and business level of management make quantify evaluate.

1999, custom of union of department of statistic of customs total office executes the law at that time what environment and statistic work is actual, put forward development to build custom to execute the law the tentative plan that evaluates a system. Custom executed the law 2001 evaluate systematic investment to move. 2002 up to now, 41 custom of countrywide already installed carry to go in succession custom executes the law evaluate a system, opened to business scene evaluate a function. Current, preliminary already form total arrange, directly under, subject custom of these 3 levels use pattern. This system is in the time that uses 3 years many, the risk information that each custom hints through evaluating a system already filled levy money 650 million yuan of RMB, discover 2.5 billion yuan to of all kinds problem involves amount, administration is punished 160 cases, investigation of put on record, investigate 443 cases, 15 people are punished by criminal, discover the ten million on amount many cases yuan important case, a batch of smuggling, illegal personnel gets legal sanction.

Speak of execute the law evaluate a system, hangzhou custom mail does Director Wang Lihuai of place to greatly experience ground tells a reporter, custom evaluates a system to clinch a deal to the price of import and export merchandise, model, history through executing the law the record undertake an analysis, realized custom stage by stage rigor is superintended and efficient operational organic union, intercepting illegal smuggling while, increased legal business greatly concern efficiency.
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