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Transported Europe dry goods 2008 double monitoring policy is Anacreontic
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“ because the situation is still unidentified bright, we are in wide hand in those who come from European Union and United States is face on the meeting large quantities of travelling merchant are careful all the more, some even if large order also dare be not received easily. ” is attending the 102nd wide hand in a textile of the meeting to export company controller to express to the reporter. Announce from the European Union next year will be carried out to Chinese textile last week since double license controls a system, exit spins look forward to people awaiting “ anxiety-riddenly be born of another boots ” . Yesterday, industry is expected long already was defeated by textile of the monitoring side Ou Shuang to export enterprise aptitude standard to come on stage eventually 2008.

The reporter learns from chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports, our country general was defeated by Europe textile to execute an enterprise to manage aptitude examine and verify to 8 kinds of China such as T compensate unlined upper garment 2008. Aptitude standard basically includes at 6 o'clock content: The enterprise is in China register capital to must exceed 500 thousand yuan; Pursue textile export trade two years above; Year is defeated Europe textile to export more than 10 thousand dollar to the European Union on; Did not violate compasses act 3 years continuously in respect of intellectual property, environmental protection; Average taxpayer; Accord with the requirement of concerned industry self-discipline of concerned chamber of commerce, association.

Of afore-mentioned “ standards come on stage wide to attending the 102nd handing in the exit of the meeting to spin look forward to is an interest good news undoubtedly. Ma Xinzheng of editor in chief of network of ” China spin expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, “ is after policy of pair of exit of European Union textile are Anacreontic, the enterprise can be at ease accept the order. Although at present the detail of relevant superintendency policy was not made clear, but believe Department of Commerce to be able to publish policy of concerned form a complete set inside shorter time. ”

Ma Xinzheng thinks, export enterprise aptitude standard come on stage to moved toward textile free trade to lay solid foundation quickly for textile of the Europe in 2008, the superintendency job after its executive effect also will expire to agreement of Sino-US henceforth textile provided main demonstrative effect. Can say, this aptitude standard and even the relevant foreign trade that will release in succession henceforth superintend policy, stability of trade of the Europe in safeguard, will Sino-US textile undertakes in order.

Ma Xinzheng is special point out, predict afore-mentioned levels are right 3 endowment the enterprise is very advantageous. He expresses, in our country foreign trade and industrial structural adjustment, 3 endowment the enterprise had held dominant position.
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