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Department of Commerce releases early-warning to report forbidden textile illega
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Beijing of information of Xinhua News Agency on July 13 report (reporter Cheng Yunjie) the reporter learns 12 days, department of Commerce already exported an enterprise to issue a bulletin to domestic dry goods, the producing area proof that forbidden enterprise uses the Three Kingdoms or zone and label to to Chinese textile exit sets bounds United States and European Union to have illegal entrepot trade.

The basis is Sino-US, medium Europe textile forgives memorandum to set about the processing of illegal transit activity, after classics both sides is checked and consulting, once illegal transit is affirmatory, will right in those days or the countrywide agreement gross of below one year is done wait for a quantity to deduct, this means an enterprise to violate compasses general to bring about industry be punished directly.

Department of Commerce asks each district understands the harm sex of illegal transit activity adequately about the branch, rapid activity of illegal to the textile of our region transit undertakes be checkinged oneself from correct, strengthen pair of relevant businesses supervise and urge directive, put an end to our region stoutly the happening of illegal transit phenomenon, express to will be opposite lawfully experience record company undertakes condemnatory.

According to divulging, since this year, the rapid growth that our country circumjacent country and area export to the United States and European Union textile has caused the attention of beautiful Europe relevant section. The United States will send check group to go to the country such as Thailand, Vietnam to launch investigation with respect to illegal transit at the near future, and custom already began country of member of European Union part the behaviour of fraud of existence of certificate of country of origin that suspects Chinese Hong Kong and Macao are signed and issue, reason is the dry goods that enters an European Union from two ground appears respectively compared to the same period 234 % and the “ of 150 % grow ” too quickly.

Although have not announce the overall condition that countrywide textile exports to beautiful Europe first half of the year this year, custom statistic shows, this year 1 - in May, include Guangdong, Heibei, Zhejiang inside a lot of province all appeared to be added to exit of beautiful Europe textile fast drop and export market is set to the blame such as Burmese, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Russia, Pakistan be restricted country and the appearance that the area changes.

Zhao Yumin of head of department of international market of academy of collaboration of economy of international trade of Department of Commerce points out, illegal transit is the action that commerce of a kind of avoid restricts, its direct inducement depends on “ China is the whole world suffers beautiful Europe textile exclusively to set the nation that be restricted. ”

She says: “ on one hand, our country textile is cheap and fine, effective quota cannot satisfy target market to be opposite the demand of product of our country spin, on the other hand, below the environment of economic globalization, information, capital and commodity flow are very convenience, the enterprise is engaged in the scope nature grow in quantity of illegal transit. ”
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