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Dress and shoe can be in east 10 countries enjoy alliance custom duty privilege
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Report from our correspondent rises from July 20, our country and east alliance will be formal according to about " goods trade agreement " formulary schedule, to be being originated in formerly China is mixed east the product of about 7000 tax items of alliance gives favourable custom duty treatment each other, with the tax rate implementation of the free-trade area each other goods is connected close. Delectable is, the our city exports a product to be like dress, shoe for the most part kind, the toy is in China ——— east in the product range that certificate of country of origin of privilege of alliance free-trade area signs and issue. That is to say, these products should accord with China only east regulation of country of origin of alliance free-trade area and visa check an order, can enjoy lowest to be the pay of custom duty privilege of 0.

Arrive to make our country is exported east of alliance " goods trade agreement " the product below can be enjoyed as scheduled east the treatment of custom duty privilege that alliance gives, since July 20, 2005, the discrepancy condition that the country pledges check total bureau is set in each district examines quarantine orgnaization already began to sign and issue China east FORME of certificate of country of origin of privilege of alliance free-trade area. Stone lion examines the expert of quarantine branch reminds each relevant enterprise: The product range that the developed country such as the European Union offers Chinese general benefit to make favourable wage and favourable extent, the development as our country economy and relevant industry specialization of degree till cancel entirely,narrow stage by stage. Accordingly, stone lion enterprise should seize an opportunity, make full use of the clause of custom duty privilege of trade agreement, certificate of country of origin of will regional favourable pay is entered as the product bilateral or the ” of effective “ pass of market of nation of region economy agreement, raise this real estate to taste the competition ability on the international market, race to control has profit opportunity, increase the market share of the product and profit space.

Basis China and east alliance signs " Chinese ——— east alliance is comprehensive trade agreement of goods of agreement of economic collaboration framework " regulation, come since July 20, 2005 2010, china is returned will wait for 6 with Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore and Thailand east alliance is experienced a custom duty that cancels major product, build a free-trade area. Kampuchea, Laos, Burmese wait for 4 with Vietnam east alliance fresh blood will enjoy transition of 5 years period, come to realized free trade with China 2015. It is reported, at present east 10 countries include alliance republic of democracy of people of republic of kingdom of Brunei, Kampuchea, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burmese, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam socialism republic. Industry public figure thinks: China and east alliance 10 countries are comprehensive agreement of economic collaboration framework " goods trade agreement " become effective, to including stone lion inside our country dress, shoe kind wait for a large amount of exit products, development diversity international market has quite important sense.
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