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What is brand tort behavior?
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What is brand tort behavior?

" trademark law " thirtieth sets 8 times: “ has one of following action, all belong to violate trade mark right:

(1) the license without everybody of registered trade mark, in same kind of goods is similar perhaps use on commodity rather registered trade mark is identical of approximate perhaps brand;

(2) the sale knows perfectly well the commodity that is sham registered trade mark;

(3) forge, registered trade mark of production other of do sth without authorization marks or the sale is forged, the registered trade mark that do sth without authorization makes marks;
(4) the trade mark right that gives another person is caused other damage. ”

The State Council approved castigatory the 2nd times on July 15, 1993 " trademark law of People's Republic of China carries out detailed rules " the 41st regulation: “ has one of following action, belong to " trademark law " thirtieth 8 (4) indicating encroachment the behavior of trade mark right:

(1) distribute is known perfectly well or should knowing is to encroach commodity of other trade mark right;

(2) be in same plant or on similar goods, as will identical as other registered trade mark similar perhaps written language, graph says as trade name or commodity decoration is used, and enough causes mistake;

(3) offer storage intentionally to violate act of other trade mark right, carry, mail, hide those who wait for convenience condition. ”