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" China, east alliance is comprehensive agreement of trade of goods of agreement
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We, people's Republic of China (” of China of “ of the following abbreviation) amount to Lu Salan country with Brunei, kampuchea kingdom, indonesian republic, republic of Laos people democracy, malaysia, burmese and confederative, philippines, singapore republic, the country of member of alliance of southeast Asia country such as peaceful kingdom and Vietnam socialism republic (it is its whole abbreviation “ below east alliance ” or “ east alliance each member country ” , alone one country abbreviation “ east alliance member country ” ) summit or national head of state:
Call to mind us to amounted to rash Sa Lan Guosi in Brunei on November 6, 2001 Libajia bay east alliance - Chinese leader is mixed about economic collaboration frame on the meeting China is built inside 10 years - east alliance free-trade area (below, the free-trade area will be right Kampuchea, Laos, Burmese wait with Vietnam east alliance fresh blood country (“ of the following abbreviation east alliance fresh blood country ” ) give special reach flexibility with discriminate, make a provision to inchoate results, the product that its involve and service detailed account will carry mutual negotiation decision;

Those who expect to pass sex of the look up before having " China and east alliance (it is its whole abbreviation “ to conclude a treaty each below square ” , allude alone east the abbreviation when one member country or China is alliance “ concludes a treaty square ” ) agreement of framework of overall economy collaboration " (“ of the following abbreviation this consultative ” ) , in 21 centuries with building both sides more close together economy is contacted; Expectation utmost ground reduces barrier, deepen each to conclude a treaty the economic connection between Fang Zhi; Reduce cost; Increase the commerce inside area and investment; Improve economic efficiency; To conclude a treaty each square industry and commerce creates more wholesale market, this market will provide more opportunity and more large-scale economy capacity for commercial activity; And enhance each to conclude a treaty an appeal to capital and talent;

Believe firmly China - east alliance from trade division build will conclude a treaty in each a kind of companionate concern is created between Fang Zhi, strengthen for East Asia cooperate and safeguard economic stability to provide a principal mechanism;

Realise door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is strengthening each to conclude a treaty the commerce between Fang Zhi and the main effect that invest a respect and contribution, and be driven further and facilitate the collaboration between them makes they make full use of China - east the necessity of the more business opportunity that alliance brings from trade division;

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