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The consciousness that saves look forward to of short for Zhejiang Province of d
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“ Zhejiang enterprise is walked out of, must brand go ahead of the rest, should prevent ’ of incivility of the car that be built, ‘ , but our company brand consciousness is too weak still now, by others tort hind, the effort that calls incivility repeatedly is done not have. ” yesterday, plenary meeting of company of first well-known logo is saved to go up in Zhejiang, the what one says during a conversation that saves Yu Min of Zheng of director of industrial and commercial bureau to clutch wrist deeply regret causes a next numerous Zhejiang entrepreneur people thoughtful.

Yesterday, enterprise of 58 brands bibcock assembles in Hangzhou, discuss brand strategy jointly with expert scholar. Zhejiang saves the well-known logo company with the biggest last year sale is Yageer, achieve assembling most well-known logo company is versatile group, inventing patent and most well-known company is saltant group …… but Zhejiang enterprise and the big company of provincial, abroad will compare, still existing bigger difference. Additional, a few famous label are grabbed to note again and again in abroad, wait like golden China ham, Naaisi.

“ brand is right for the enterprise, not be a son, and should be ancestor. ” Zheng Yu Min says, a of the ” of business of brunt ——“ new short for Zhejiang Province in be being built as ” of “ brand Zhejiang important label pays attention to a brand namely, pay attention to culture, promotion Zhejiang brand, make brand Zhejiang, need closes by economic person and cultural worker and be the business of new short for Zhejiang Province of one.

“15 before New Year, others dare not buy our thing, and others is to contending for the representative that does us now. ” savor achieves the Qiu Jibao of president of company of group of saltant sewing machine of brand benefit to say, it is the brand lets he established business relation with 100 many countries, clear oneself development road.

Additional it is reported, activity of ” of travel of “ brand Zhejiang also was started formally yesterday.