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Improve the efficiency of sewing machines from the source
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Only 1 kg of the weight structure of the outer rotor direct-drive permanent magnet motor, set directly on the spindle in the sewing machine head, replacing the original electric vehicles, weighing about 15 kg of the clutch motor, sewing machine so that you can achieve "automatic needle, automatic reverse, automatic cutting lines, adjust the speed "function, improve the efficiency of sewing machines 30%, 80% energy savings. This revolutionary "energy efficient number of joint system" Ying Feng Industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd. Shishi City, independent research and development of new t echnologies, the State Intellectual Property Office granted utility model patents, the lions of the garment industry to promote technological upgrading and enhancing the overall play an important role in competitiveness. "The number of joint energy efficient system" is introduced in 2009, Shishi key city projects, Ying Feng Industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd. Shishi City settled after incubation base for lions apparel industry developed the characteristics of targeted cut into the garment industry to maintain large areas of electric flat car, on the complex structure, high failure rate, repair the inconvenience of traditional electric vehicles were new CNC system improvements, in a very short period of time, has successfully developed 10 The energy efficient patent CNC sewing machines. This lack of friction clutch, no belt drive, direct drive motor to the spindle on the set of innovative products, almost no noise and vibration, as compared with traditional electric flat car, it is saving more than 80%, 50% of the motor temperature decreases, known as the Green energy efficient mechanical and electrical products. Garment enterprises to reduce cost pressures, the original electric vehicles can be modified, skilled workers can be modified in more than 10 minutes to complete, can greatly improve work efficiency, and save a lot of energy, the operating results after the modified flat cars incompatible with the computer up and down, electric flat car was transformed and the installation of a CNC system, excellent performance comparable to expensive computer flat car, a medium and small clothes, shoes, bags, sewing equipment enterprises to enhance their skills, save money, and efficient new ways. New Improved sewing some garment enterprises in Shishi trial, the labor intensity decreased, efficiency increased by 30%, saving 80% or more, considerable benefits, access to the enterprise and the production line level Cut the praise.