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Sewing machine industry related businesses have been strong positive transition
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Industry as one of the five pillars of Taizhou, sewing equipment industry gradually out of the shadow of the financial crisis, exports exceeded pre-crisis levels of scale. The face of a good situation, Taizhou sewing equipment company, to seize the opportunity to actively transition. These days, the Department of Po Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., nearly one hundred domestic sewing machine dealers are here to vocational and technical training, covering products, maintenance, use and sale of electric service. For them, the company let them out of their pocket, "Advanced", this is the first time. Nantong dealer: "raise the level of their own took a big step, no matter from the economic terms, or from its cultivation is concerned, it is actually been studies of the process." Company has said that, at present, exports and domestic sales each half of the company, which exports more than double the same period last year. Although the sales situation for the better, but the company did not relax, due to raw material prices, labor costs, exchange rate adjustment and other factors, in addition to traditional export, the company also plans to actively expand the domestic market, the emphasis on domestic distribution of team building. Department of Human Resources Minister Bao Liu Qiming Technology Group Co., Ltd.: "We are in the financial crisis, to see such a market / / We raise themselves. The only way to create high-quality, high-tech products can be based on the industry, can promote the development of enterprises. " Similarly, the face of momentum, in the Jack Holding Group will have a big "action" - the company is planning restructuring plan. In this year and the company prepared to invest 3.5 billion, for research and development, product line transformation, plant construction. According to the person in a negative corporate responsibility, which the company invested over the past 14 years the total investment. Jack Holding Group Chairman Ruanfu De: "how to speed up the transformation of enterprises to upgrade the product, we build from last year after an international talent (system), to speed up the whole structure of our human resources, especially in research and development, technical aspects, the international of the expansion, to give Jack a qualitative leap. " Customs statistics show that exports continued to slump last year after this year after a surge in exports of industrial sewing machines, Taizhou, export scale has exceeded pre-crisis levels over the same period. 1-8 months this year, the city's exports amounted to 718,000 units, worth 135 million U.S. dollars, year on year increase of 64.4% and 84.9%, export growth than 8.8% over the same period in 2008. The top three exporting countries are Brazil, India and Iran, of which Brazil exported 161,000 units, up 1.4 times, the city's total exports of the three industrial sewing machines for 45% of total exports.