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Sewing machines of Japanese artists painting in China
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The "2010 in Japan in the 36th AJAC Exhibition and foreign artists invited to tour Chongqing International Exhibition of Contemporary Art," exhibited a total of 26 Chinese artists and 30 works of Japanese artists were more than 100 pieces, including paintings, sculpture, installation, performance other art forms. There are more than 40 works by Japanese artists. Exhibition is divided into the Three Gorges Museum and the Art Institute Huangjueping two independent image exhibition. We are familiar with the famous Zhang Qi open, Pangmao Kun, Zhang Jie, Kang Formosa and other works of 80 emerging artists in this exhibition are on display. The exhibition will last until the end of this month on the 5th. Digital Exhibition Japanese artists are eye-catching. 2010 Chongqing Exhibition of Contemporary Art International Tour and Japan, the 36th AJAC Overseas Artists Exhibition opening photo shows Japanese artists display their work. The public viewing galleries. The 36th AJAC foreign artists invited to show the opening yesterday of the Three Gorges Museum; Chongqing won 80 awards; 14 Japanese artists to bring masterpiece Lai Yu Remember the five snow-capped Mount Fuji sits under the yellow rape fields next to the panda it? Visiting the site by the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, the famous artist Zhang Qi open to "the 36th AJAC 2010 Japan invited foreign artists of international contemporary art exhibition and tour of Chongqing Exhibition" and specially created "a discussion on the volcano" (newspaper 5 24 has been the subject report) back to Chongqing was. Yesterday afternoon, organized by the Information Office of Chongqing Municipal Government, PRC Joint DragonSoft hosted "The 36th AJAC 2010, Japan invited foreign artists of international contemporary art exhibition and tour of Chongqing Exhibition" opened in Chongqing Three Gorges Museum. The opening ceremony, the Japanese AJAC Executive Committee Tianzhong Yun-reaching two to 80 artists Chongqing Kang Can, Yang Hui presented the "Best Artist" and "Best Artist of the Year" award. Chongqing Municipal Committee, Municipal Publicity Department, attended the opening ceremony of anything for loyalty. 80 were Japanese Contemporary Art Award "Hello everybody, I'm Tianzhong Yun. I like Chongqing ... ..." Yesterday at 2 pm, organized by the Information Office of Chongqing Municipal Government, PRC Joint DragonSoft hosted "The 36th AJAC 2010, Japan invited foreign artists Contemporary Art Exhibition and Chongqing International Tour Exhibition "opened in the Three Gorges Museum. After brief opening remarks by the host, Japan, Chairman of the Executive Committee AJAC-reaching Mr. Tian Zhongyun first stage speech. He first explained the term has been extended by 36 exhibition AJAC origin of the name. "A representative of all countries, J is Japan's first name written in English letters, A representative of Art, C on behalf of groups ... ..." Tianzhong Yun said that as a group of modern art, has always insisted on unlimited topics for over 30 years, has been to promote fair Zhanxian artists work. "Our exhibition from 25 years ago to jointly organize and foreign artists." Tianzhong Yun said that the first time this year, China, AJAC is looking forward to strengthen cooperation with China, especially the exchange of contemporary artists in Chongqing. "Chongqing has been a center for Chinese contemporary art, this exhibition hopes to enhance the art of Chongqing and international exchanges." At the opening ceremony, the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Deputy Minister of management of the flood also spoke highly of the exhibition. Subsequently, the Executive Committee of the Japanese AJAC-reaching two to 80 in Chongqing Formosa and Yang Hui Kang presented the "Best Artist" and "Best Artist of the Year" award. In this regard, Japan AJAC Executive Committee Chairman Tian Zhongyun Art Exhibition In particular, explained to reporters, "This is the result of a secret ballot of 100 artists, is everyone's decision, very fair." AJAC Executive Committee Tian Zhongyun Art Exhibition and "New Weekly" writer, curator Hu Jiujiu were given a well-known contemporary art space Hualong Special Contribution Award. Chongqing, which the artist to the world "In fact, our origins began from 3 years ago." In the interview with this reporter, the convener of the planning of the exhibition, said Fu, Xiang Yu, in 2007, his paintings brochure circle of friends through the introduction to the Japanese AJAC Art Association, Bai Saburo hands. "At that time he contacted me, and hope I can attend that year's AJAC foreign artists invited to show." Fu Xiang Yu was selected as the year the work should select the most popular overseas artists. Chongqing and the exchange between contemporary artists in Japan this started. "In contemporary art, we have the strength as they should go out and make our voice heard, the more necessary the advantage of others through the exchange of lessons." Fu Yu Xiang said that based on such a desire, only this time, "Japan in the 36th AJAC 2010 Overseas Artists Exhibition cum Chongqing International Touring Exhibition of Contemporary Art, "settled in the Three Gorges Museum. Fu Yu Xiang also hope that such exchanges can become the norm, "Chongqing has never lacked artists lack is publicity." But this exhibition, Fu Yu Xiang, believes that "I hope to go out, please come in, through their works demonstrate our contemporary Chinese art spirit, strength and living conditions. " Fu Yu Xiang, for example, "Chongqing's strength is like the artist table Feast, but before the windows are always closed; and we need to do now is to open the window and yell, so that people know the outside." Japan Collection of Chinese works of art elements Empty the heart of the girl, the girl is stepping on the sewing machine ... ... 3 pm However, an increase or a fine, or wild works unfolding in front of the visitors. In addition to Zhang Qi open discussion in the Mount Fuji volcano panda, many Japanese artists are also attracted a large audience. Shishido more U.S. Xizi Japanese artist's work, "youthful memories" will be very Chinese characteristics of the sewing machine to join the work. In this regard, Tian Zhongyun expressed particular painting is of the nature under the creative touch of inspiration from it, "we are very respected long history of China." According to reports, there are 14 invited Lai Yu Japanese artists, the Three Gorges Museum, this exhibition is a traveling exhibition to China the first stop, the public is free to go visit. Middle of this month, it will Leshan in Sichuan, the second leg of Contemporary Art Center tour.