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Shanxi exported to the Russian-made sewing machines
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Oct. 21, reporters from the Commerce Department was informed by the province's 3000 production of sewing machines off the assembly line products and has successfully exported to Russia, which is the first province-made sewing machine products sold to foreign markets. These sewing machines is a huge province Lun Economic Development Zone, Linfen Technology Co., Ltd. production. Giant London Technology Co., Ltd. invested by Taiwan, settled in April this year, Economic Development Zone, Linfen, sewing machines total investment of 50 million, covers an area of 30 acres. Early September, after six months of intense construction, production, the first successful product off the assembly line sewing machine 3000 and exported to Russia, the export delivery value of $ 136,400. According to reports, large-scale production of machinery and electronic products in our province, and the rapid development of export potential. This year, the province's textile machinery exports of electromechanical products is showing rapid growth is conducive to change the province's foreign trade development mode.