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Chinas sewing machine market strong export growth to Brazil
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In 2010, the international market demand to a great worship Peng Peng Pai growth trends, the representative of Brazil as the largest producer of the international textile sewing enterprises to China one after another thrown an olive branch, sewing equipment, exports of more than 30% year on year rate of growth. Herein, China's export growth was particularly strong in the Brazilian market, doubling year on year, far higher than the average export growth.

According to General Administration of Customs import and export of data to display Explanation: the first half of this year, China's exports to Brazil totaled 63.27 million sewing equipment products U.S. dollars, an increase of 242.98%, only 6 months to complete the full year 2009, exports to Brazil, the market China's export market share jumped ranked second, accounting for exports of sewing machines to 9.2%. The same period, our country ranks first in market share in India, because of its excessive demands on the embroidery machine saturation, negative export growth emerged out of place scene of the place.

Since 2005, in addition to the financial emergency in 2009 because of tight world influence, China's exports to Brazil amount of sewing machine products, there are increasing year by year. Especially in 2010, China's export growth to Brazil more significant, the most refreshing leap across the mouth of the amount of history.

Brazil is the world's premier producers of t extiles, is the world's second largest denim producer, third largest producer of knitted fabrics, textile practitioners staff of 150 million people, 3 million family business, it is certainly a choice to use the Brazilian power sewing equipment positioning. And before today, Brazil is not sewn into the scope of manufacturing system, its devices are dependent on imports. According to appreciate, only the import of sewing machine products in Brazil in 2009 reached over 100 million U.S. dollars, China's largest sewing machine for the importing country, the proportion of its total import volume more than Liucheng.

In recent years, Brazil has always been regarded as a type of music into a growth model. While other countries in the world the burden of stress and bad times of financial emergency, the Brazilian economy is growing by appropriate measures. According to the Brazilian National Geographic Bureau of Statistics to display their elucidation of the first half, the Brazilian GDP grew 8.9%, indicating the economy since 1996 the best six months, the family's expenses in Brazil from 2002 to 2008 increased by 3 times. Excellent mobilization of the domestic economic climate, clothing needs of the population has been growing. According to the survey, Brazil Every year, about eighty percent of people are waiting for new clothes. Import authority from the point of view, Brazil is a young country, sixty percent of the population older than 29 years old, dressed in the fashion of 402 per year in U.S. dollars, it is those who buy clothes buy clothes even more than 6 times . Universally administered by a consulting firm ATKearney study also showed that the Brazil dressing to import large quantities of high consumption and making it the most attractive emerging retail market, the market's annual growth rate of Pakistan beyond the dress fitted across the cross 7%, and pre- estimated to reach 37.2 billion U.S. dollars. High consumer demand to support the growth of the Brazilian textile and rigid family property. And also worth mentioning that, the difference in China, India and other growing countries, the Brazilians for the local brand recognition is much higher than the imported brands.

Is precisely the good economic situation in Brazil, the people and the steady growth of consumer demand for local brands that makes vision worth waiting for the Brazilian textile and textile, sewing machines and then set off a new gold rush.

Subdivision requirements: automatic sewing machine to become the new darling of market

In front of sewing machines in China today exports to Brazil are still the main machine, as of the end of June, China's export machine, Brazil 26 million units, an increase of 203.13 percent, exports $ 59,840,000, an increase of 266.25%, herein 80 % export products are home sewing machines.

Brazilian exports of products from the point of view, in the face of today's high-end industrial sewing machine has become the new darling of the market. This is because Labour has always been the capital of Brazil are in a relatively high level, in April 2006 the minimum monthly salary of textile workers in Brazil raised from 130 ~ $ 152 / month, and year after year to the workers wages have been rising even more. Forced by the pressure of high growth of human capital, the first half of Brazil's textile and garment enterprises are increasingly on the trends in the procurement of equipment for automatic sewing machines. Since the second half of 2009, China's exports to Brazil automatic sewing machine was a rapid growth trend, especially into the year 2010, China's domestic auto sewing machine on the Brazilian export value year on year growth to accelerate. As to June 2010, the first half of the export of automatic sewing machines, 13 million units in Brazil, the export amount of $ 38,340,000, accounting for half the proportion of exports, export of the family property herein automatic sewing machine 44,000 units, up nearly 2 times export 9 million other automated sewing units, an increase of 4 times the amount of exports is turned over 7 times. Automatic sewing machine out of stock has become the main trend of exports to Brazil, and its revelation brought no proof the market has become the joint space enterprise compete for the equipment.

It is also worth noting that the first half of Brazil's import value of black sewing machine is small but grew rapidly, hand-stitch sewing machine to accelerate the construction of workshops and trends began to flash into the family.