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Be put into trouble of industry of iron and steel of domestic spin house propert
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Second borrow the crisis to affect domestic each trade

Under Fu mew, have egg?

As a result of second borrow the crisis, domestic each industry is disparate level land is affected. Change according to sending appoint data, what spin industry suffers an influence to be weighed especially in exporting suffocate suffocate. In the meantime, because the United States is in,build the atrophy of the project, the export business of the product such as furniture, Wei Yu, hardware also steps forward dimension difficult.

Spin industry be the first to be affected

Suffer manufacturing place to use former, complementary rise cost of cost of material, energy, labor cost continuously, the RMB appreciates, the United States second borrow the crisis and home market to last fatigued and weak collective influence, 2008 1-6 month, profit of company net profit is compared on year the corresponding period dropped 43.70% . The effect that second half of the year sufferred big environment of economy of home, international 2008 and restrict, numerous and adverse element still exists, bigger to influence of company economic benefits. This is heart cotton share (3.26, 0, 0.00% , )  is stated one of newspaper of 002072 half an year.

Suffer effect that borrows the element such as the crisis, state similarly see all public data at enterprise of a lot of spin. Spin industry difficulty is heavy.

The exit will rise in price to grow to exporting the specified number in July average contribution rate before “ presents the state that glides successively, that is to say, exit of our country spin carries valence ability to tending gradually exhaustion. ” a few days ago, bark of chief editor of net of the first spin advances to export the ability that raise price publicly to express concern to spinning look forward to.

Data shows, 2 quarters begin this year, our country exports price amplitude to begin to accelerate fall after a rise, exit of our country spin is integrated in July before causing price index rises a slow down to 3.52% , quantitative growth range falls to 5.21% , and amplitude of forehead of exit of spin of the corresponding period also falls to 8.92% , the price is marked to the contributive rate of exit under the quantity.

Industry depression affected investor confidence badly still.

Data of statistic of net of the first spin shows, accumulative total of textile of 1-7 month our country completes investment this year one hundred and fifty-three billion four hundred and ten million yuan, grow 13.14% only compared to the same period, add fast relatively last year fall after a rise of the corresponding period 13.15% , spin investment is real already fall after a rise all is worth to 10 years the following.

According to analyst of industry of website of Chinese spin economy Liu glad introduces, from the point of circumstance of branch trade investment, the investment dimensions besides cotton spinning industry relatively go up year of the corresponding period somewhat atrophic, other industry all shows the sign that continues to grow, but the silk, finished products, knitting, dress, chemical fibber, investment that spins the industry such as machine is added fast relatively go up year of fall after a rise that the corresponding period has different level. Invest those who add fast fall after a rise to be highlighted most to spin machine industry namely among them, its investment is added fast relatively go up year of the corresponding period considerably fall after a rise 30.92 percent.
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