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Euro devalues exit of cutting tool of Guangdong in relief river puts delay somew
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Suffer since this year the RMB appreciates speed is accelerated, raw material price rises considerably wait for an element to affect, “ China knife cuts the partial enterprise of ” Guangdong Yang Jiang already was in at present the travel before loading.

As the Guangdong that is depend on sb or sth for existence with exit knife of hardware of in relief river cuts a business, the product that has 40% about at present exports an European Union, of at present euro go situation, have to make industry intimate attention.

To at present till, those who “ China knife is cut the say Guangdong Yang Jiang of ” , knife of hardware of whole town daily expense cuts manufacturing company to already amounted to more than 1330, product breed amounts to more than 3500 kinds, entire industry gross value of industrial output amounts to six hundred million one hundred and twenty yuan, 65% what the knife cuts product output to take the throughout the country, 85% what export a quantity to take the throughout the country, the product is sold as far as to Euramerican wait for more than 120 countries and area.

Of euro go soft to cut an enterprise to will cause how old effect to the hardware knife of Guangdong Yang Jiang, how will industry support a kind of answered attitude again to this? In light of the reaction that visits even recently inside course of study from the reporter, local industry is not lukewarm to this not fire.

Senior personage weighs local industry, with bead the circumstance photograph of trigonometry area is compared, the reaction that the hardware knife of Guangdong in relief river cuts export business to go soft to euro is very calm. Its are main reason, because be in,be collect two years of many time after changing in, the dollar goes weak continuously and euro goes strong all the time, many bead the export business of trigonometry area chose euro to make settle accounts money, and Guangdong in relief river the enterprise of 90% above, although suffer the pain that the dollar depreciates, however from beginning to end with dollar valuation.

This personage says, of this euro devalue, as it happens happens in dollar stand firm and slow after picking up, come so, the dollar became a firewall, held off the “ fire ” that euro devalues. The boss that has local company says, the export business of Guangdong in relief river holds to with dollar valuation, this time euro goes soft to poured to still help local company.

The personage inside course of study says, below the circumstance that locks up price pattern in the contract, money of one home products every appreciate a percent, be equal to its to export an enterprise to covert depreciate a percent. This the RMB appreciates, mean pair of Europe with euro settle accounts to export an enterprise to depreciate 10% , the company that makes settle accounts money with euro stands extremely really. And the hardware knife of Guangdong in relief river cuts export the business is much with dollar settle accounts, the concussion nature that suffer is not big.
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