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Tailor machinery industry is basic the analysis of the face
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Since this year, the effect that tailor machinery industry suffers a variety of adverse element overlay appeared industry whole outstanding achievement glides, inventory increases wait for difficulty. The apply colours to a drawing of media is passed after information is released, produced enlarge effect, the problem appeared on the judgement that brings about a few people to develop a tendency in the industry, the reason depends on the analysis of the main area to the industry lacking depth.

The author thinks, although tailor machinery industry encountered developing a lot of difficulty, but the development tide that has faced basically was not this and change, at present the industry still lies long-term, the base that the industry expands is firmer, in the position on market of world sew machine nobody can shake. Bring about the reason of the state is very at present much, go up objectively exchange rate of somebody civilian money and exit drawback tax rate are adjusted, raw material rises in price and labor cost raises wait for a reason; Subjective on the market idea place that is lasted to grow for years puzzles, fatigued and weak to the cosmopolitan economy that appears since last year the demand that cause changes, adjust the demand change underestimate that bring about to industry of domestic garment industry especially, answer measure not do one's best, the industrial structure that accumulates for years is unreasonable, produce can superfluous contradictory concentration to be released, the industry is passive in rapid movement ground brake, its are inactive action is clearly.

We should see, this the industry is adjusted with differ somewhat before, adjusting is the result that the contradiction of supply and demand that domestic and international vicissitude of the market creates releases centrally not only, also be the result that the effectiveness assemble of policy of multinomial and macroscopical adjusting control releases the government. Want to do an analysis to coming from the influence of two respects, if encounter the industry a lot of difficulty,ascribe to entirely the market, so appear easily on the judgement of industry development trend deviation. Grow way for change economy, the macroscopical adjusting control that the government has is to maintain economy good the significant move of rapid development, the key is the enterprise after coming on stage thick and fast to policy bear ability and the problem underestimate that appear possibly, in be being adjusted this, garment manufacturing industry gets very big impact, city catchs fire, disaster reachs piscine pool, the tailor machinery industry that supplies equipment for garment manufacturing industry is natural also with respect to one disaster after another. What what I hope is, the government has taken seriously highly about the branch, begin to become loose on exit drawback policy, management environment is changed somewhat.

Face current difficulty to want many somes of rational reflection, should be in namely hold an industry correctly on the foundation of main area, increasing time of oneself ability fluctuation. The author thinks, although policy of macroscopical adjusting control has a few to become loose, but policy trend won't be changed, should answer sensibly after rational reflection, the enterprise should do good work in the following respects: Increase 4 capacity, did not come namely of the market calculate capacity, of complex case answer ability, the runs ability and product development innovation ability of capital market, solve good “ 5 sexes ” , accomplish a “ one raises ” , the develop malleability of the applicability of the creativity of the effectiveness that has solved management dovish sex, service namely, market, product, channel, increase the force of the brand.
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