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World economy callback brings a challenge to our country
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[Be in short-term, should hold to foreign trade fundamental balance, somewhat the principle of profit, prevent an entrance to had grown fast, favorable balance of trade considerably fall after a rise. In current international finance the circumstance of aggravate of queasy, exterior risk falls, system of our country banking still is not perfected, if do not have the favorable balance of trade of certain dimensions, will naturally weaken our country to resist exterior percussive ability, increase the risk with queasy finance]

World economy growth is slow 2008, inflation is elevatory, international trade increases fast fall after a rise, international money market is quick and turbulent. These adverse elements interweave each other, restrict each other, each other is cause and effect, make effect of macroscopical adjusting control shows each country government hard, stable money market and the resistance that realize economy to anabiosis are very great. Predict world economy growth will continue 2009 low fan, economy of a few developed countries may be close to decline.

Alive bound economy adjusts a process in, the international economy environment that our country faces is harsher. Suffer international adverse element influence, today bright growth of export of two years of our country may continue to put delay, inflationary pressure exists as before, financial risk is bigger, the job that holds economy to grow more quickly smoothly is more formidable. In light of summary, our country economy basically faces the challenge of all directions face currently.

The first, foreign trade situation is grim, smooth to continueing to maintain economy rapidder growth creates constant pressure.

Export the main impetus that is growth of our country economy to measure. 37% what exit occupied GDP 2007, the contributive rate that only outlet increases to GDP is 21.5% , pull move GDP to increase 2.6 percent. Experience analysis makes clear, there is very close connection between growth of our country export and world economy growth. International society predicts generally, 2008~2009 year world economy low speed is slow grow. Our country exit had appeared to add since this year fast the phenomenon of apparent fall after a rise, export of before 8 months increases 22.4% , compared to the same period fall after a rise 5.4 percent. Among them, to the United States export increases 10.6% , fall after a rise 6.1 percent; To the European Union export increases 26.3% , fall after a rise 5.3 percent. In process of world economy callback, situation of production of industry of our country export, obtain employment is grimmer.

But while export increases suffocate suffocate, the entrance appears to rise situation quickly. This is a developed country namely to avoid economic depression, leave no stone unturned enlarges the result of exit, also be the oneself demand that Chinese consumption structure, production structure upgrades. Before 8 months, our country import rises 30% , faster than exporting growth 7.6 percent, accelerate 10.4 percent compared to the same period. Among them, from the United States, European Union, Japan the import rises 22.1% respectively, 35.2% with 20.6% , accelerated 6.6 respectively, 13.4 are mixed 4 percent. Historical data shows, every time when world economy grows rein in, our country imports growth to always export growth more than, the contribution that only outlet increases to GDP is apparently abate, produce negative effect even. Predict to export what grow to GDP to pull completely this year move should drop at least than last year a percent.
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