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Standardization of product of tailor machinery industry produces cognizance job
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A few days ago, standardization of product of industry of association of Chinese tailor machine produces cognizance committee to standardize production to maintain the spirit of working program ” according to “ industry product, classics enterprise is declared of one's own accord and production of industry product standardization maintains committee examine and verify, the high speed that maintains 20 travel owner to want a company makes the same score the relevant requirement that seams machine and product of machine of high speed whipstitch to achieve occupation standard to turn production, accord with an industry to relieve the qualificatory condition of check, will issue announcement to the industry on May 16. The product amounting to mark that accords with occupation standard to change production to maintain as the first batch at the same time to tailor machinery industry kimono of large-scale production company, agency is installed wait for downstream industry user to undertake publicize and be commendatoried. This action is raising company product quality awareness, normative market to compete without foreword state, enlarge card of home made product to waited for a respect to produce active and beneficial effect in the influence of downstream industry. To guide and cultivate an industry more enterprises carry out standardization, have production strictly according to standardization exercise, drive standard of industry product quality to promote ceaselessly, industry product standardization produces cognizance committee to will continue to accept an enterprise to apply for to undertake the product standardizes production to maintain, in August the middle ten days of a month begins an industry to production of standardization of the 2nd batch of products is maintained and commend the work.