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Long triangle helps strength medium and small businesses turns round predicament
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In global economy growth rate puts labour force of crisis of banking of delay, United States, our country and raw material cost to rise, the RMB appreciates, exit drawback rate reduces the influence that waits for a series of elements to fall, experience of medium and small businesses of long triangle area expands difficult position. Latter, long triangle two provinces one city all takes positive step, the medium and small businesses that help strength turns round predicament.

To help medium and small businesses solution is stranded, be on health to develop way, shanghai municipal Party committee, municipal government puts forward clearly, the profundity that the difficulty that “ wants to know company place adequately to be faced with develops continuously to economic society is affected, with the sense of urgency of no time to delay and the decision that make a prompt decision, true fact of be sure to helps an enterprise overshoot temporarily difficulty. ”

Recently, bureau of industrial and commercial administration rolls out Shanghai new politics, allow Shanghai medium and small businesses according to " equity of finite liability company gives the simple way that register (try out) " regulation, the equity that registers the finite liability company that register of hold in this city with its is dealt with go out to be registered character, assure as what obtain loan; Do guaranty of cement company movables to register quickly lawfully etc. In the meantime, many commercial bank of Shanghai developed the financial product that accords with characteristic of demand of medium and small businesses, help medium and small businesses solves capital problem.

Zhejiang is saved news briefing of economic moving condition announces a news first half of the year this year, below Zhejiang province one phase will roll out multinomial side to support the specific measure of the enterprise, include to improve the financial environment that leaves from tight monetary policy, for Zhejiang complete province strives for not less than credit dimensions last year as far as possible, support more financial innovation and industry own innovation.

Zhejiang Jin Hua is the whole nation the biggest recreational use motor-car is truckload reach spare parts distributing center center, suffer labour force and raw material cost to rise, the RMB appreciates, exit drawback is adjusted wait for an influence, the production of company of recreational sports car manages pressure to be increased gradually. In the government of relevant section give aid to below, company of recreational sports car begins to specialization, the development road of poor dissimilation, strengthen own innovation, raise a product to contain Troy.

Since this year, the economic environment that faces hasten to tighten and medium and small businesses grow the grim challenge that faces, jiangsu province organizes bank, enterprise often to discuss research issue jointly, make settle way, cast off predicament to create a condition for medium and small businesses. With Jiangsu province Nantong city is exemple, nantong municipal government strengthens a bank, assure the butt joint of company and medium and small businesses, increase what to assuring industry grows to give aid to strength, encourage what the bank magnifies to assuring medium and small businesses of firm accept insurance borrows money moderately to assure multiple; The in principle of medium and small businesses that supports protection to bringing into a key does not call in ahead of schedule loan, need what add borrows to call in ahead of schedule and do not grant truly, after answering to report subbranch of a bank of center of people bank Nantong to pass other way to help an enterprise undertake suitable financing is arranged beforehand, operate in order, because contractive loan brings about individual bank to company capital catenary ruptures and form financial venture to wait,prevent.
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