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China is made be replaced hard
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The current situation that inside and outside of course of study creates to China and future are anxious very much. In fact, it is redundant that this kind is anxious, china still is holding cost dominant position not only, and technical advantage still is in rapid promotion. Short-term inside China is made be replaced hard, a lot of experts express, the dominant position that China creates still can maintain 10 years at least.

China creates a dominant position still apparent

“ I feel production advantage of China was not replaced. The grim situation that at present Chinese manufacturing industry faces, it is the show that China makes a trend mature only. The world cannot leave China to make. Wang Zhentao of president of Ao Kang group accepts look forward to of ” famous shoe when interviewing, say, “ but China is made upgrade transition extremely urgent, cannot rely on low case simply to go the international market competes, the enterprise should suffer from facial ’ by ‘ to design, research and development such ‘ smiles two end of curvilinear ’ are outspread, move toward Chinese creation truly. ” his citing says, do a shoe to seem not much technical content, actually otherwise, only last year, the product technology patent that Ao Kang group declares amounts to 50, and these technical patent had been in at present 2008 Olympic Gameses of Ao Kang are formal shoe of shoe, GPRS fixed position, breath shoe, damping shoe, can use on the functional shoe such as adjustable high-heeled shoes.

Ai Ou Smith (China) Ding Wei of general manager of water heater company also thinks: “ is on the international market, advantage of Chinese production cost should be met have relatively long-term maintain. But advantage of simple support labor cost, that is blind lane, need makes integrated competition ability just have an outlet. Accordingly, wash out a batch to rely on labor cost to seek the company of competitive advantage only, it is the order of nature of market economy. ”

“ closes down one part medium and small businesses, not likely is evildoing. Chen Naixing of director of research center of medium and small businesses of ” the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences says, “ but the problem should have a reasonable dividing line with respect to the amount that depends on medium and small businesses closing down. I think in 5 % fall into disuse leading is reasonable. ”

“ although Chinese economy environment appeared a few change, the centre of gravity of global manufacturing industry goes out impossibly also from Chinese move. We are very hopeful still to Chinese manufacturing industry. Whole world of company of stannum of ” Mai Ken is senior trustee He Jie bright (Jimmy Hexter) think, this is China makes the first time labour pains that endures after the gold that experienced more than 10 years sends exhibition period, also be any country recombines in the structure, the situation that the metropolis in the process that the industry upgrades encounters. Transnational corporation considers to change production base to and other places of Vietnam, Malaysia, not be well-advised choice actually. Because contrast integratedly,the meeting when China and the actor bad of circumjacent production base discovers, chinese market is the biggest, the talent is much and good, and supply catenary to perfect; If turn production base,leave China, your supply catenary will become very complex.
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