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2004, stage city crosses the new economy cycle that enters heavy industry foreru
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30 years 30 works series reports

In dimensions above industry, heavy industry production value surpasses light industry first, became a watershed on phylogeny of stage state industry from this 2004, reforming and opening be been record in annals of 30 years of brightness.

In those days, heavy industry of our city dimensions realizes industrial production value sixty-nine billion and fifty-two million yuan, grow 35.1% , add fast exceed light industry 13.9 percent, heavy industry occupies dimensions industry proportion to amount to 52.6% . Process of stage city industrialization is crossed from this stride into the new economy cycle that is forerunner with changing an industry again.

Heavy industry is carried fast, the inevitable tendency that industry grows

Heavy industry is known as the “ back ” of economy of a region, also be the powerful material foundation with national economy modern implementation. The course of study of heavy chemical industry of present-day meaning is the industry of fundamental raw material with capital and intellectual higher content, include the sources of energy, electric power, electron, petrifaction, smelt, machinery to make, boat of car, build and repair and housing materials, product market covers a range wide, for national economy each estate department supplies manufacturing shift and equipment.

International economy runs orbit to make clear, after GDP of average per capita reachs 1000 dollars, industrial structure upgrades accelerate, proportion of course of study of heavy chemical industry rises apparently. Heavy industry is spent because of industrial correlation big, technical content and additional cost are high, to region economy development drives force strong, had become “ each district of 915 ” period especially coastal economy developeds the key that the area optimizes industrial structure. Say from particular significance, course of study of heavy chemical industry makes the central point that next foreland industries compete increasingly.

Watch our city traditional manufacturing industry to develop instead, economy external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent bigger, haven is stage city what provide times feature and oneself characteristic most is strategical resource, also be the core competition ability that stage city participates in region economy rich to weichi. Expand line of business of heavy chemical industry energetically, produce haven resource advantage adequately, drive development of the estate that face harbor, become stage city to build southeast the inevitable choice of coastal haven big city.

In addition, heavy industry development rises to respect of ability of form a complete set, but great those who drive industrial catenary is outspread. The couple of photograph of advantage give somebody a new lease on life that adds industry gently with the tradition and interactive development, but more effect of earth play whole and assemble effect, promote integrated competition ability of the industry.
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