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Whole world of Chinese brand absent 100 strong
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The miscellaneous 誌 with some famous international and transmission orgnaization release jointly " 2008 whole worlds are optimal brand pop chart " in, chinese brand is not had go up a list of names posted up, and in the investigation in popular wishes of an United States, beautiful countryman 眾 unexpectedly brand of China of 為 of mistake of SamSung, Feng Tian. The personage inside course of study identifies 為 , this is Chinese brand accumulates weak outstanding performance for a long time, what the brand enlists company of the China that become 為 international competition place to be faced with is deadly " short board " .

By the United States " commercial weekly publication " of miscellaneous 誌 and collaboration of international brand group " the whole world is optimal brand pop chart " release 3 years to come continuously from 2006, chinese brand is in this whole world in list of 100 strong brands look for fragrant footprint hard from beginning to end. " 2008 whole worlds are optimal brand pop chart " show, coke Cola company resides head of a list of names posted up with the brand value of sixty-six billion six hundred and sixty-seven million dollar, outside removing American company, the each country enterprise such as day, heart, law all has a list of names posted up on the enterprise.

University of scholar of famous advertisement transmission, Xiamen old the professor that accompany love expresses, reforming and opening comes 30 years, china already had 1.7 million brands, have the Chinese name tagvisiting card of tens of thousands of among them, be in however global brand 100 strong in without position, make a person a bit regretful.

Transmission of blue sea international asks about in the American public opinion poll that stimulative meeting announces: What does the Chinese brand that American knows have. The result shows, the person of 42% wants to be less than any Chinese brands, the brand that is mentioned for the most part is not Chinese brand. SamSung, Feng Tian, Ni Sang unexpectedly by not little sufferring 為 of mistake of the person that visit is Chinese brand.

And before two months, by the United States " fortune " the 2008 year that miscellaneous 誌 chooses " 500 strong companies of world " in list, 35 China big company is seleted awesomely, among them oil of electrified wire netting of Chinese petrifaction, country, China 3 a row 100 strong, it is respectively the 16th, 24 mix 25.

China is not short of 100 strong companies of world, why doesn't 為 have 100 strong brands of world? Old the analysis that accompany love, one of reasons are the world 100 strong companies and of 100 strong brands evaluate mark 準 to differ. The main basis that 100 strong companies of world evaluate is year of sale of the enterprise, chinese petrifaction is in the world into 為 with year of sale of one hundred and fifty-nine billion two hundred and sixty million dollar 500 strong in rank most the Chinese enterprise before leaning, in the Asia only second at Japanese abundant Tian Gong manages. And " the whole world is optimal brand pop chart " evaluating index is " brand value " , in " 2008 whole worlds are optimal brand pop chart " in lowest enters doorsill 為 3.338 billion dollar, china still can be obtained without one brand " entrance ticket " .
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