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"Close down wet " exist? - - in small it is the most difficult to spin look forw
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“ decreases tax policy to want to add flexibility. In bad the year's harvest, want to reduce the burden of the enterprise, make an enterprise vivid come down, such governments just also can have taxation ”

On September 3, transmit of Shanghai government general office city finance does, city industrial and commercial bureau, city farming appoint, city classics appoint 4 division system decide " begin about this city small finance company is pilot executive method of the job " , shanghai is small pilot job starts finance company formally, hopeful of National Day around rolls out this city first small finance company.

Shanghai business association will issue 11 policy that give aid to medium and small businesses develops on August 12, include to reduce medium and small businesses to register capital to reach 30 thousand yuan among them. In the industry that the enterprise runs and project respect, fan Yun makes run of already of this locality look forward to, allow nonlocal enterprise to manage; Fan Yun makes run of already of foreign capital look forward to, allow inside battalion of already of endowment look forward to. Leasehold money side also has corresponding policy this to give aid to.

As we have learned, since industrial and commercial bureau will roll out Shanghai on August 6 “ aids look forward to since 11 ” , intense echo is caused in the enterprise, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry will register the enterprise in an endless stream that the window seeks advice from before. Up to at the beginning of September, more than days 20 short in, 11 enterprises carry equity contributive register those who obtain 172 financing, enterprises to depend on 30 thousand yuan to register capital great start business, new policy achievement is preliminary show.

Shanghai above act is to answer the hibernate of “ medium and small businesses that is fried bubbling with noisely before this to say ” , “ closes down apparently wet ” .

“ closes down does wet ” exist

National hair changes appoint department of medium and small businesses says about chief, the whole nation has the medium and small businesses of above of 67 thousand dimensions to close down first half of the year this year. As labor concentrated model the spin industry medium and small businesses that the industry represents closes down more than 10 thousand, the spin company that has 2/3 is faced with reforming, cause more than 20 million worker by dismiss.

Purchase department controller tells a dress plant of city of Guangdong province Zhongshan that has dimensions quite " Shanghai country endowment " : “ circumstance is not hopeful, big like what we already provided dimensions, passenger source this kind to stabilize plant is a few more not bad, those small plants are very miserable. ”

Bead the medium and small businesses of Dongguan of Guangdong of town of military importance of three-cornered manufacturing industry feels pressure the earliest. Dongguan is the IT product with the oldest whole world creates base, besides, outlet of the leather shoes of Dongguan, furniture, clothing is likewise famed at the world. However, not long ago announces economic data shows first half of the year, this year first half of the year, dongguan contract is used foreign capital and use foreign capital actually to appear 30 years to enjoy growth first, signed investment contract to reduce 57, negative growth range is 13%-14% , this year 1 to in May, whole town closes stop, enterprise of move foreign capital in all 405, rise compared to the same period 36.4% .
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