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Weng Jian of 8 a period of ten days defends slide fastener to spread out
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Han Yang on the west in alley of ave Yo baby, a black is vintage by sewing machine, grey-haired Gao Furong old person, stepping on crural footplate, expression is dedicated. Empty horizontally pivoted hung is hanging the slide fastener of a multicoloured. “ does not look down upon him, person of 89 years old, thread a needle walks along a line to still need not wear glasses. The dweller all round ” mentions old person, envy unceasingly.

One's early years of tall blessing flourish in Han Yang integrated factory goes to work, after retiring 1979, the old person repairs a pen in market opening, decrease as the person that uses a pen, the old person looks at accurate business chance, begin to repair slide fastener.

This is repaired is 28 years, the old person is famous 3 towns. Every arrive when spending the New Year, the person that seeks him to repair slide fastener grows dragon since the platoon. Still a lot of opening is worn a car, wearing what high skin takes to turn round the guest looks for him to repair only. Gao Furong says, the skin that once a guest is taking on 10 thousand yuan is taken will change slide fastener, he is determined not to change whole slide fastener, give or take a lot of trouble however the ground fosters cordial relations between states old slide fastener afresh. Gao Furong says: “ repairs old slide fastener to give or take a lot of trouble not only, and low-cost, but effect affirmation is stronger than changing slide fastener. ”

Old person children already got married nowadays establish line of business, he and old partner life do not have care, but still give vendor's stand everyday. “ earns do not make money be indifferent to, give birth to vivid manner on behalf of a kind, our hope and youth are same forever red-blooded. ” Gao Furong is stepping on sewing machine buoyant the ground says.