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Even if the personage inside course of study is talked seam machine " price war
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Be not sincere letter to trade ecbolic “ malign price competes”

Current, the problem such as ” of receivable money of the ” of “ low competition that appears in industry market and “ been perplexinging production enterprise and agency severely, block up the whole of industry of machinery of our country tailor develops.

A few agency often pursue the sales volume, objective that seeks market share to achieve, and the mode of operation that owes ” innocently with “ low ” , “ of purpose competes into quotations field. For example: In some overall below the situation that agency has reached agreement of equipment supply and demand with some clothing company, be like another overall after agency is informed information, the meeting is add more the condition of “ favourable ” , not hesitate even compress the interest space of oneself pays ” 0 times to be natural resources of conditional loot client with “ . In obtain order while, also made the brand of ” of “ malign competition on him body.

With respect to this kind of phenomenon that exists in the industry, a few enterprises offer, guild is OK professional media undertakes public opinion is supervised related industry of have the aid of, to the market a few mediumer not the enterprise of sincere letter and individual have exposure. Association of Chinese tailor machine strengthens correct guiding to these respects, the forms a kind of health competition state of market of estate of to give way, let market main body strengthen self-discipline, no matter this is returned to the production enterprise inside the industry it is agency, it is downstream enterprise even benefit not without — .

Respect the rationality that region agency system exists please

Practice of ” of special rule of a few “ concerns production company of the occurrence of ” of “ low competition and part.

It is with the sale of sewing machine exemple, when if order single cross,easy quantity exceeds 200, some seam a mechanism to build an enterprise to often can choose to jump over local agency, and undertake connection, arrange with with clothing company directly, its reason is to want to give relevant technical kimono Wu support to big client, adopted “ to sell ” continuously thereby.

Although seam engine production company to take such management kind, go up in certain level can the profit space that leave out enterprise should give agency, formed the opposite low of the product, obtained large order thereby, but such practice not only caused price of whole of sewing machine product reduce, also caused disorder of value of local district product at the same time, disturbed badly the order of industry market, violated area representative system and reason, let area agency be afterwards hard in local market, damaged this brand is in place finally the figure of the market. So, respect the rationality that region agency system exists; It is current the important segment of market of machine of tailor of normative our country.
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